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Dreamer: Naked Me
From: Dhaka,Bangladesh
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Total Dreams: 1
Member Since: Aug 2007

Real Name:Mehedy Mizan
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Present Occupantion:Web design
Dream Frequency:Two or three times a week
Time Spent Online:More than 40 hours
How to Recover from a bad dream:Ham sandwich
Found this site:Google
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I am a university student and a part time job holder. 27 years of age. often dream, and wanted to know if this means any thing. so i decided to sign up here.
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Total Dreams: 1

Dream #205 (Type: Naked on public places)
I often dream , suddenly i am naked, and it makes me feel very uncomfortable, some times others are aware of me being naked, some times they laugh see...

1 Replies  (Posted: 8/10/2007)

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