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  Dream Number: #205
Dream Type: Naked on public places
Date Posted: 8/10/2007

Naked Me from Dhaka,Bangladesh remembers this:

I often dream , suddenly i am naked, and it makes me feel very uncomfortable, some times others are aware of me being naked, some times they laugh seeing me, some times they don't care, and sometimes they try to over look it in my dreams. i try to shade me from others or run. why am i having these dream, i often dream i am naked on a public place. never on a same place, and i do not see me having sex while i am naked in my dreams. can somebody explain why i keep dream me naked ??

Responses from the Dreamers

From: jonelyn

Hi Dhaka,

Being naked in a dream may mean that you are feeling vulnerable or exposed in front of other people in your waking life. The dreams say that you don't feel comfortable with openess to this degree and that different people around you react differently to your vulnerability...some are kind, others laugh, and some just see it as a fact of life...

(Added: 9/30/2007)


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