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Dreamer: ravenswain
From: Asheville, NC
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Total Dreams: 1
Member Since: Oct 2009

Real Name:Hugh duncan
Homepage / Blog:View the site
Most Recently Album Purchased:Sibellius- Complete Symphonies
Present Occupantion:Medical
Dream Frequency:Every night
Time Spent Online:2-4 hours
How to Recover from a bad dream:-
Found this site:Google
About the dreamer:

Been recording my dreams since 1997. Make digital collages and paintings based (in part) on my dreams. Augment dreaming with shamanic trance work.
Dreams Posted:

Total Dreams: 1

Dream #381 (Type: a little scary)
LOOSING THEM ALL IN THE SEARCH I am on the campus of a college where I understand I am a student, looking for an art exhibit in which I know I...

0 Replies  (Posted: 10/6/2009)

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