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Dreamer: my_psychosis
From: Clear Lake
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Total Dreams: 4
Member Since: Jan 2006

Real Name:Wendy Babbitt
Homepage / Blog:www.geocities.com/my_p
Most Recently Album Purchased:Eagles
Present Occupantion:Shepherd
Dream Frequency:Every night
Time Spent Online:21-40 hours
How to Recover from a bad dream:Put on a Fleetwood Mac LP
Found this site:Yahoo!
About the dreamer:

I love dreams (of course) all kinds of music,(specially old rock) Reading,(Dean Koontz is my fav author) Role playing video games like Final Fantasy.(my fav game),Wolves, the color green,Fantasy,and the bizarre.
Dreams Posted:

Total Dreams: 4

Dream #529 (Type: Life after death)
I'm in a large room with lots of other people, it's very crowded. We are all dead. People are wandering around finding friends and relatives who died...

0 Replies  (Posted: 9/8/2014)

Dream #528 (Type: Just weird)
I am trying to nurse my newborn baby boy. (In waking life my youngest is actually 15) He doesn't seem to be able to work his mouth right and I'm scar...

0 Replies  (Posted: 9/1/2014)

Dream #107 (Type: sex? Funny)
My boyfriend M and I and a guy J from where I work are in my boyfriends car. ( Its a blue hearse which Yes he really does own a hearse in real life ...

2 Replies  (Posted: 2/19/2006)

Dream #103 (Type: Bloody,wierd)
Ok in this dream I am sitting up in bed, my side is against the wall.(which is true in real life ) It is our bed (mine and my boyfriends) in the dream...

2 Replies  (Posted: 2/16/2006)

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