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Dreamer: lantean_god
From: north tonawanda
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Total Dreams: 1
Member Since: Oct 2007

Real Name:michael smith
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Most Recently Album Purchased:the cranberries best of
Present Occupantion:Shepherd
Dream Frequency:Two or three times a week
Time Spent Online:5-10 hours
How to Recover from a bad dream:Ham sandwich
Found this site:Infoseek
About the dreamer:

I'm michael, im 28 single love science,technogly,scifi, football,volleyball,movies,music,histroy channel and the discovery channel person quote i know our dream tell us what we need to know we just need to understand what that is u can contact me at aim michaelslaw27093 or myspace.com/swedish_chef_2193
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Total Dreams: 1

Dream #228 (Type: confusing)
this dream was about a week ago well the dream started off I my bed room I was talking to someone and is felt like the dream it fast forword then rewi...

0 Replies  (Posted: 10/11/2007)

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