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Dreamer: amantecaliente
From: Chiang Mai
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Total Dreams: 1
Member Since: Sep 2005

Real Name:Amante
Homepage / Blog:
Most Recently Album Purchased:Gloria Estafan
Present Occupantion:Service Industry
Dream Frequency:Two or three times a week
Time Spent Online:More than 40 hours
How to Recover from a bad dream:4 ounces of wine
Found this site:Advertisement
About the dreamer:

I have lived and travel the Americas for years. I have girls in every major city that I have screwed at least a dozen times and they still cum for more. I have moved to Thailand where I find the girls smaller, quieter, easier to please, but with the same desire to be with me and worship my big dick. I have made a few contacts and can truly say that Asian women have the tightest cunts I have ever screwed. I sometime think that I will break them into.
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Total Dreams: 1

Dream #21 (Type: Erotic)
My Dream I just wanted to share a dream that I had sometime ago that has some disturbing elements. I have had erotic dreams more in recent year...

0 Replies  (Posted: 9/19/2005)

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