Current Picks
 | MC Taylor -
1) 7/9/06 show at Julian and Juliette's farm in Bovina, NY. Meadow bonfires and full-moon swimming. Possibly the best C&S show ever. Thank you everyone for being there. Thanks especially to the lovely Linda for helping to set it up, and for Julian and Juliette for the gracious hospitality and love.
2) Willie Nelson live at the Texas Opry House, 1974 (from the Willie Nelson Atlantic Records box set). Must've listened to this 10 times while driving through the Texas hill country. The man is a saint. Thanks Brother Will for hipping us to this.
3) P.G. Six live at Goodbye Blue Monday, Bushwick, NY, and "The Well Of Memory."
4) Paul McCartney's "Ram."
5) Sonic Youth's "Rather Ripped."
6) Bobby Charles' selt-titled album. Jams for days.
7) Payne's BBQ, Memphis, TN, and Cooper's BBQ, Llano, TX.
8) Vetiver's "To Find Me Gone."
9) Mavis Staples' "Only For The Lonely."
10) The Turtles' "Turtle Soup."
11) The new Brightblack Morning Light record.
 | James Kim -
1. Bobby Charles' selt-titled album
2. The Band's "A Musical History." Some serious jams on these discs!
3. "Get Up With It" by Miles Davis
4. Roxy Music
5. Midlake's "The Trials of Van Occupanther"
6. Listening to Unicorn's "Greatest Hits" while driving all over the USA, twice!
7. The various members of Shearwater, especially having Thor playing percussion with us
8. Visiting the Stax Museum and checking out Al Jackson's drumset
9. The Staple Singers
10. Mike Heron's "Smiling Men With Bad Reputations"
11. Dave Mattacks' Drumming
12. John Fahey's "Old Fashioned Love"
13. Bovina, New York
 | Dan Carr -
1. "Passover" the Black Angels
2. "Stairs and Elevators" the Heartless Bastards "Set Yourself On Fire"
3. Stars Ambulance LTD - everything they have out!
4. mostlymeat.com the best blog ever
5. "40 Year Old Virgin" do I really have to say anything?
 | Scott Hirsch -
1.Bobby Charles- The most in the pocket record for lazy upstate summer days
2.Unicorn- Birdsian modern sounding classic rock with the tightest, deepest rhythm section
3.The Brothers and Sisters- Great new friends and an awesome band.
4. Shearwater- Blew us away every night on tour.
5. Michael Mann- From Theif to Miami Vice still ruling the artsy, not for the frat boy action drama.
6. Upstate New York, fireflies in the summertime.
7. Willie Nelson Live at the Texas Opry house, 1974. Willy with the funkiest of bands is ruliing the guitar and ripping the Austin scene in the new Atlantic sessions box set.
8. Popul Vuh are haunting me in the Krautest of ways now that Im back in San Francisco. Check the newly remastered Auffenstunde and Aguirre records.
 | Tom Heyman -
1. The Style Station--West,Texas finest vintage clothing and conspiracy theory store.
2. Eitzel--Like some sort of sad-sack Springsteen swinging for the bleachers every night, giving the people way more than they deserve. A graceful and amazing showman and storyteller.
3. "Can't Go Home Again--Haunting duet from Tony Joe White and Shelby Lynne on his new record " Heroines"
4. My mom grooving to Devendra Banhart at the Mercury Lounge in NYC
5. Maura Tierney-- Prime Time in the Day Time--Watching back to back episodes of ER in the hotel everyday before splitting to the next town.
 | Patrick Main
1. "Everybody In The Pool" by Beth Lisick
2. "Deliver Me" by Tom Heyman and everyone else in San Francisco
3. "Hello!" ep by Nothing People
4. "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" on video iPod
5. "Play It As It Lays" by Joan Didion
6. "I Want To Live! - original music from the motion picture sound track" by Gerry Mulligan, Shelly Manne, Art Farmer et.al.
Gordon Parks (11/30/1912 - 3/7/2006) Took some of the most beautiful photos of the last century, and THEN directed SHAFT! (Plus, I still think that this band is secretly named after him...)
Three nights at the Taylors' house, Irvine CA.
 | Terri Loewenthal
1. WhoMadeWho - s/t - catchiest dance album from 3 danish folk. a bassist i can really sink my teeth into. bbq music for my people.
2. roxy music - avalon - the production of this album makes me feel like i'm breathing under water.
3. sonic youth - rather ripped - one of the first bands that changed the way i listen to music. i thought they couldn't top that song 'peace attack' from sonic nurse, but this entire album is a gem start to finish.
4. jenny wilson - love & youth - jenny's voice is completely unique. awesome melodies and infectious grooves on this swedish nugget.
5. the knife - silent shout - perhaps the weirdest music i've ever heard. again, from sweden. melodies channeled straight from outer space. can't fathom where they get their ideas.
6. brightblack morning light - s/t - stoniest jammy jams for a sunny day hike in the yellow fields of mt. tamalpias or any other day i'm feeling irie.
7. lindstrom & prins thomas - one last scandi pick. this is instrumental electro-disco for the open highway.
8. unicorn - i've fallen back in love with this band after listening to them countless times in the van. everything about this music works with my head.
9. jan hammer group - melodies - one of the vinyl spoils from record shopping all over the US. deep, deep grooves.
10. willie nelson - phases & stages - basically cracking the willie vault with this one. hard to resist after touring with my homies for so long. this record is beautiful.

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