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Dreamer: Lost_in_a_dream
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Total Dreams: 4
Member Since: Sep 2008

Real Name:Nicole
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Present Occupantion:High school student
Dream Frequency:Every night
Time Spent Online:11-20 hours
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Found this site:Google
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Total Dreams: 4

Dream #361 (Type: weirdish?)
I know there is more too it, but all i could remember is that i was at a fair/carnival type thing at night with lights going and everything and i was ...

0 Replies  (Posted: 6/11/2009)

Dream #355 (Type: Upset)
I've had the same dream over and over again. I am standing in my room and im holding my stomach and i keep crying and saying "i lost him". No matter w...

3 Replies  (Posted: 5/17/2009)

Dream #349 (Type: Scary-ish.)
I was going to pick up someone in my moms van, but for some reason i stopped in a parking lot. I dont know why and i have a blanket with me and decide...

1 Replies  (Posted: 4/8/2009)

Dream #320 (Type: Dreaming of an ex)
My ex and i broke up about a year ago, however every now and then i dream about him. We dont talk constantly, i'd say a couple times every few weeks o...

3 Replies  (Posted: 9/27/2008)

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