Sorcerer - Bubble Funk EP
A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Vince Watson

By: Dream Chimney

The following interview was conducted September 13, 2023


Vince Watson has been making quality House and Techno for 20 over years. Hailing originally from Scotland, now with his roots planted firmly in Amsterdam, Vince makes music for heads. Masterful production, complex rhythms, and supreme sound quality are his calling cards. This week sees the veteran producer drop his ‘Another Moment in Time’ LP on Everysoul. Here we ask Vince to flip the switch and turn the lights down low, while he takes us through his late night after party playlist.

Royksopp - In Space

The perfect blend of nujazz beats and beautiful pads and keys. I love so many of their tracks. Great for setting a mood. I even like my background music to have interesting chords and timings, keeps it's interesting, rather than just simple trip hop or something.

Ochre - A Great Wave

If your going to do something close to the sound of early Plaid, you had better do it right and Ochre absolutely nailed it with this album. Twisting chords and nice time signatures, love it.

Olafar Arnalds - Only The Winds

This track was on my home listening playlists way before he really blew up, it's so incredibly emotional and expressive with just three very simple chord changes and an inversion, but those violins are just memorising. The Ryan Davis remix is especially good also.

Rival Consoles - Pre

A wonderful artist and a wonderful track. Building right up from that very simple but effective synth. Sets a nice mood in a set or at home…a nice example that you don't have to go crazy with parts in a song to make it work.

Vince Watson - Never Too Late

I always like to play this track to people, as it really went under the radar at the time. I released it on there 'Every Soul Needs A Guide' LP which was destined for Garnier's Fcom label but they closed halfway through and it became something else. I love this track because I made this in an hour. 2 takes with the piano and adding the drum parts.

Plaid - Clock

This track takes me back to when the guys were doing the earlier albums and even as far back as Black Dog productions stuff. Twisting time signatures and the unexpected…I love that about Plaid, you never know what’s going to happen in the tracks. There are not enough surprises in music these days….and I include myself in that. This is brilliant. So many layers and complicated and beautifully satisfying.

Vince Watson - Eminesence

I made this track for the chill house peeps. I wanted a proper Balearic track for the season…and at that time Osunlade had called me to ask for an EP, and it seemed like a perfect fit. Its a great track for after party’s too though, with its soft keys and pianos..another very simple but effective track.

Ben Lukas Boysen - Medala

Ben is one of my favourite artists in the neo-classical-soundtrack-electronica scene. Far too underrated, yet has made some incredible music for big projects. This track has got everything.. grizzly synths, time signatures that are twisting and interesting, beautiful chords and again, surprises. A real storyteller of the modern ages.

Boards Of Canada - Cold Earth

The lads don’t realise much music sadly…but its always worth the wait. Cold Earth is perhaps the last track they made which really captured my feelings. Proper electronica. We can only hope they are readying something soon..

Rob Clouth - Casimir

When I first heard Rob Clouth’s debut release I was completely hooked and tried to play it as much as I could in radio mixes etc. Then this Zero Point album came and the first track blew my mind. To go from that softest piano to such a powerful track is incredible. And to keep that Radiohead piano feel all the way through is genius.