Tom Trago

By: Dream Chimney

The following playlist/interview was conducted on February 21, 2024

Tom Trago Tom Trago bursts back onto the dancefloor with a new series of hot disco edits entitled ‘Pearls For Pleasure Volume 1’. Three cuts of pure disco bliss designed to blow up discerning dancefloors! He barely needs an introduction as he is known far and wide across the globe for his sonic surprises on Rush Hour, and his labels Voyage Direct, TT and JNL. We are thrilled to have him on our Everyone Back To Mine series, with his supreme selections for the late-night hours, when we head to his after the party. The herbal tea is flowing, the candles are on, and the shoes are all slipped off. This is the playlist.

Everyone Back to Mine Playlist

Moodymann - Desire

I just love the vocals of Jose James, and this production really gets me on a natural high!

Channel Tres - Topdown

This one is perfect if the afterparty gets too sleepy. It's one that stays easy but does lift the energy up!

Jungle - The Heat

Smooth vibes for a 'lets get our shoes off' vibe, still remembering you were in club a few minutes ago.

Gosub - Mind Travel Method

This one really sets a mood to escape into. It's still has some proper electro drums to not let you float away too much, but it's definitely (as we call it) a 'floater'

Milosh - You Fill me

This one is for all the lovers and romancers that wanna cuddle on high late at night!

Rhythm & Sound - Free for All Soundstream (remix)

Just a good one to keep the afterparty energy up, but still keeps it warm inside.

Yasuko Agawa - L.A. nights

Absolute winner when it comes to smoothness, get the cocktails out!

Sixtine - L'exactitude

Some serious sexy vibes coming down here!

Tom Trago - A Dark Oak

This one that can pull you into that other dimension, escape gravity!

BADBADNOTGOOD - Time moves slow

This one is one that can be close to the total absolute end!


Check out the latest release from Tom Trago. "Pearls for Pleasure Vol. 1" out February 23, 2024



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