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A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Third Attempt

By: Dream Chimney


Norwegian artist Third Attempt continues on a roll with his stunning new EP entitled 'Soul Lifting'. The effervescent show man again works his compositional magic across four compelling tracks. Steadily turning heads since they began appearing in 2018. Now a cherished member of the Beatservice Records family, the artist has proven himself one of the most inspired artists to have emerged from Norway's rich, meta-disco lineage in recent times. Effortlessly gliding through genres, his distinctive sound expertly blends nu-disco, funk, trip-hop, electronica, and house setting him apart from the rest of the field. He is about to release his 'Soul Lifting EP' on Beatservice Records. We ask Third Attempt to talk us through some albums that have made an impact on him.

Inspirational Albums

Røyksopp – Melody AM

Legendary album, all killer no filler from Norway. Peak chillout / downtempo ages. Which I think is returning strongly. In my opinion this is still their very best work.

Crazy P - A nice hot bath with..

Massive inspiration. An album you could put on in good faith. Huge tracks throughout. Jazzy, funky, breakbeat goodness. Just visited two of these guys in Nottingham not that long ago, massive inspiration. Big shoutout to Chris and Jim!

Atjazz – Labfunk

Used to listen to this a lot, and still think this approach is unique sound-wise. Blend of influences is fresh. Broken beat, sunny jazz with addicting basslines.

Dan Kye – Small Moments

Jordan Rakeis' project aimed for the dancefloors and clubs. Dropped on Rhythm Section in 2020. Serious, serious quality. Quite soulful record, with influences ranging from techno to funk. Vocals always on point, Jordan's voice is crazy smooth throughout.

Connect:Ohm – 9980

Ambient record, collaboration between a French and a Japanese producer. Been a fan of Ultimae label for a long time. But this one is one of my favorites. Never fails to bring me back to the right mindset. Calm, focused, sophisticated. I love that it's not completely beatless.

Blockhead – Bubble Bath

More bath-related records! Haha. Just recently found out about this one from Blockhead. It's from 2019, very trip-hop focused throughout. I remember the first time I listened through I had multiple points of laughing with joy, because the highly technical sampling is so on point. Everything from the digging to the layering is super skilfully done.

More Amour Release 'Soul Lifting' On April 14th On Beatservice Records