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Third Attempt

By: Dream Chimney

The following interview was conducted September 24, 2023


One of Norway's hottest young talents is Third Attempt. Paving the way for the next generation of Nordic producers, he is based in Oslo and has a relentless release schedule on Beatservice Records. His next offering is 'The Spirit' WP which is comprised of yet more perfectly produced, jazzy-funk- house that drops this coming week. We ask Third Attempt to talk us through some albums that have impacted his musical journey.

Inspirational Albums

St Germain - Tourist

Timeless, genius blend of electronic music and jazz. Will never get tired of this one.

Floating Points – Shadows

Beautiful listening experience. Balancing on a thin thread between listening music and dance music. Which I always appreciate. The ambience, synthwork, Rhodes playing, drum machines play along perfect together. Making it a very special one.

Nu Genea – Nueva Napoli

Heard this LP playing in a record shop in Berlin. After the first minute I knew I had to pick it up. And it only became better from there. Solid, modern Italian disco. Saw these guys live and it was a spiritual experience.

Gramatik – Beatz and Pieces vol.1

MASTERCLASS in sampling. Additionally the elements, drum programming and bass is ace. Never play a downtempo set without including one of the tracks from here.

Billy Cobham – Stratus

Intense record. If your mindset is right the energy hits hard. This one I particularly love because of the grooves. Especially hitting from halfway. The foundations, themes are as strong as can be. Very fun to listen to. Stank face is imminent.