Razor-N-Tape, Family Affair & the Myno

By: Dream Chimney

Razor-N-Tape launched the series 'Family Affair' back in December 2021. Now in its 3rd year, it has since become an annual end-of-year tradition. Label family old and new come together from various corners of the globe and present tracks in a wide range of musical styles.

The artwork from the series has been particularly eye catching so we thought we would take a closer look at the design. The RNT crew continue to keep it in the family by commissioning MYNO, the Costa Rica based graphic artist whose star is rising on the international scene. As an exciting figure in the graphic art world, his dynamic and characterful illustrations are becoming well known worldwide. His flyers for the ‘Good Judy' block party have graced billboards in Brooklyn, he has exhibited his work in London and New York as well as in Costa Rica, and his music focused designs have traveled far across the globe as the cover art for various record labels.

As RNT's third volume of Family Affair is about to drop, we celebrate the compilation plus MYNO's incredible work on the cover art.

‘Family Affair' is a magical, musical gift that keeps on giving!


Interview Image

For the first VA Razor-N-Tape assembled the big guns for their all-exclusive holiday comp. A varied mix of vibes from bouncy house and sultry disco to tribal funk and late-night grooves, Family Affair Vol. 1 boasted an all-original track list by a roster of luminaries from the RNT family - past, present, and future. This included Ben Sun, Clive From Accounts, Misiu, Saucy Lady, Jungle Fire, Daniel T, Eli Escobar, Sentimental Animals, Dimitri From Paris, DJ Rocca, and Lay-Far.

RNT gave MYNO a brief to try to bring together the different styles of music in Family Affair Vol.1. Here the artist used the visual metaphor of cocktails, drawing on the sophistication of American advertising imagery from the 40s and 50s to represent how important Razor-N-Tape and its artists are to club culture worldwide. You gotta love this cover.


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On Vol. 2 Razor-N-Tape continued to bring the heat representing both their ever-expanding RNT ménage, as well as their tight knit musical nuclear fam. Aural hugs all around on this family jam from Boo Williams, SMTHNG SMTIME, Ben Sun, Nenor, Frank Booker, JKriv, Philippa, Lovetempo, and Underground System.

MYNO turns cosmologist on this cosmic cover design for Family Affair Vol.2. This celestial piece travels up into the stars and on to another galaxy, joining together the starstruck musical dots within this stellar piece of cover art. Twinkle Twinkle.


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The 3rd instalment of Razor-N-Tape’s Family Affair is about to drop just in time for the holidays! Label regulars Cody Currie, Cor.ece, JKriv, Saucy Lady and Guinu are joined by newcomers Kim Anh, Prince of Queens, Yuu Udagawa, Gene Tellem, plus more, for a 13-track sonic escapade through deep house, disco, and electronic sounds.

The compilation comes again with the gorgeous artwork lovingly designed by The MYNO, using elements of music and drawing on retro glamour, the MYNO cleverly combines a multitude of elements alongside one of his signature stamps - a drag queen in glorious purple.


Cody Currie "Ghost" from "Family Affair Vol.3"


Check out Razor-N-Tape "Family Affair Vol.3" out on December 15th.



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