Soul Purpose

By: Dream Chimney

The following interview was conducted on February 16, 2024

Soul Purpose 90s UK underground legends Soul Purpose aka Peace Division aka Clive Henry and Justin Drake, are up this month on Wolf Music, with their entire Soul Purpose catalog reissued for the very first time by the London label. With their knowledge and party experience on the White Isle over the years, we thought it would be super fun to take the afters back to their villa after the club. The lights are low, the drinks are flowing, the mood is chill. This is the playlist.

Everyone Back to Mine Playlist

Future Hymns / Eola

JUSTIN: Gothic electronica. Sounds like VHS.

Radiohead / All I Need

CLIVE: Radiohead will always be in a back to mine playlist even if a lot of people find some of their stuff melancholic or too somber. They have always done their own thing their own way without conforming to the commercial aspect of the music industry. This is a beautiful timeless piece of music.

Tirzah / Holding On

JUSTIN: Raw. Vocal, drums and one sound. Love this.

Say She She & Piya Malik / Blow My Mind

CLIVE: I could imagine this being a theme tune to a James Bond style kinda movie or Netflix series or something similar. Intriguingly mysterious and amazing vocals.

Tonstartssbandht / What Has Happened

JUSTIN: So dreamy. Sunny sounds.

Metro Area / Strut

CLIVE: Super wobbly laidback funky goodness!!

John Hassell / Darbari Extension II

JUSTIN: Wobbles around being weird. Sounds like very early Carl Craig.

Drake/ Started From the Bottom

CLIVE: Deepish stoner sorta vibes from Justin's name sake. A proper head nodder.

Roedlius / Regenwurm

JUSTIN: More wobbly stuff on a loop.

Manuel Gottsching / E2-E4

CLIVE: An amazing piece of music that sort of feels like a piece of art if you know what I mean! Maybe Sueno Latino's late 80s nod to it is what made most people aware of the original?


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