Radic The Myth

By: Dream Chimney

The following interview was conducted on February 18, 2024

Radic The MythFreerange Records begin a brand-new series called City To City, where the label shines a light on difference scenes around the world where the music is bubbling. It kicks with the City of Gold – Johannesburg. The EP consists of six tracks from six different artists from the vibrant city.

Radic The Myth has been producing music since 2008 and has had releases out on Kid Fonque’s Stay True Sounds, the label that has been flying the flag for South Africa and it’s huge amount of incredible producers that the rest of world is starting to catch up about. His ‘Love (Kinda Thing) is a harmonically rich take on house and brings a laid-back floaty touch with to the EP.

We asked him take us back to his after the club for a chill. This is the playlist.

Everyone Back to Mine Playlist

Interface Palm - Head in the Iclouds

Head in the clouds is a very cool and soothing song I always have it on my playlist for relaxing. I really love this project.

Soul Wun - Japan Theme

This track has that smooth jazz feel and what I love the most is that it's one of those tracks that's hard to ignore, even though it's more laid back, you can't play it and go unnoticed.

Harry Wolfman, Ella Chi - Casillero (Saine Remix)

I've always loved Harry Wolfman and with this remix is how I bumped into Saine. Everything about this track is amazing. The vocals, chords the bass, everything.

Maxell Davis - Lucky

Really love how this record reminds me of my track Phendula. Really love the sample work that took place in the making of this Jam. I love the lo-fi feel.

Radic the Myth - Phendula

In the making of this, I was going through a lot of stuff and Phendula is a Zulu word for 'Answer'. This track gives me peace and helps me breath a little with everything going on in the world.

Nutty Nys - Newness (Taints Dub)

To be honest, I can play anything from Nutty Nys. I am really into his catalogue. I honestly can't go a day without playing anything from him.

Daniel Leseman - On My Mind (Original Mix)

This one has to be one of my favorite cuts of all time. Love everything about it, the chorus of the track really connects with me as a person and as an artist.

Crackazat - I Heard You

Crackazat, for me, is one of the best to ever. I really love how dope his music is. He is my go to guy for any mood.

Shur-i-kan - Blue Giraffe

Just perfect for any mood. I like how bright it gets. Shur-I-kan has always been my favorite producer. He really inspires me.

Detroit Rising - Rocket Love (Jimpster Dub)

Though it's a dub version and the bass is very wild, the chords are really soothing to listen to and overall, what's house without Jimpster.


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