By: Dream Chimney

The following interview was conducted on December 1, 2023

Everyone Back to Mine Playlist

It’s a pleasure to have Philippa over for a chimney side chat on the week she releases - her second EP on UK label Freerange Records - ‘Latent Magic’. Hailing originally from New Zealand, we ask the Berlin based DJ and producer to take us back to hers after the club and to talk us through her selections for a late-night chill.

Ray Charles - Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying

This track dazzles me with its beauty. Those strings! I went through an extended Ray Charles moment this summer - specifically listening to his 1950s albums, a golden era.

Spiral - Vernon Spring

This track is only 1 minute long - but I could happily listen to it on an endless loop. Recorded music with a lot of presence - meant here in reference both to the textural quality of the recordings and a specific quality of nowness.

John Hassel - Last Night The Moon Came

An ambient piece from the late John Hassel - avant garde jazz instrumentation and experimental electronics, again with a lot of presence. I can easily get lost in its vast nowness.

By now everyone would be falling asleep... So:

Vano 3000'a rework of Badbadnotgood's Time Moves Slow

Hip hop rework of an already brilliant song. Compelling af.

Jungle - Back on 74

Soundtracking my summers for quite a few years now. Love this band. They present a classic American soul sound via both the audio aesthetics and song writing - it's brilliantly done.

Detroit Rising - Peace and Harmony - Kaidhi Tatham remix

I totally have a thing for the London electronic jazz sound, and Kaidi Tatham nails this remix. The moment the track slips into the -peace and harmony “ vocal.. it kills me.

J Dilla - Two Can

Don't even know what to say about this - love Dilla.

Risa T - Lucky

Risa is a killer producer - Tokyo born, London based, making clever and vibey broken-beat. I’m a fan. You’re not meant to say it (and for good reason) but … on a personal front, Lucky sums up how I often feel at the moment.

Rufus and Chaka Khan - What Am I Missing?

Let’s go for another badass lady, Chaka Khan - gawd I love her. The whole album 'Masterjam’ is brilliant, but “What Am I Missing” - which is darker in vibe - is the most likely to have me strutting around the apartment singing.

Wajatta - Don’t Bother Playin

Reggie Watts and John Tejada - what a combo. Love this. It’s in 7/4 which makes a kinda sweet and simple track pleasingly complex. Always waiting for singles from these two.


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