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The following interview was conducted on April 29, 2024

Everyone Back to Mine Playlist

Pahua Mexican singer, songwriter, percussionist, DJ and producer, Pahua, joins Razor-N-Tape to release her Habita Remix EP. Formerly the front face and voice of Mexican band Sotomayor, she is one of the hottest acts to come out of South America in recent times. The orignal album came out on Nacional Records last year which garnered millions of streams. The remix talent is heavy with LA’s Captain Planet, label co-head JKriv, Clive From Accounts, Prince of Queens, Tigerbalm, Poirier, the legendary Jon Beltran, and Mexican producer Beltram. We wanted to get to know a little more about Pahua’s taste. Here we ask her to take us back to the afters, with a selection of late-night chill-out cuts. The drinks are flowing, the shoes are off, this is the playlist.

Sueño Marino - Khromatic

The percussion on this song is just beautiful. A dance with the animals. Dreamy sounds that bounce with a beachy feeling.

Desconocidos - MULA, Diego Raposo

This song is warm, and with a lot of slow rhythmic Caribbean Dembow. The voice of MULA is hot and sexy, the lyrics are just great.

Harta - Mel Muñiz

Beautiful folklore and very cinematographic. Mel is from a very particular singer stock of the 50's. I just LOVE IT!

Nervios de Acero - Irepelusa

This is a great singer from Venezuela. An amazing track with good hooks and a great inflection.

Nene - Mitú

Mitu is one of my favorites. I love the guitar and the slow drums that dance with the tropics, and this amazing vocal texture that is also very powerful and deep.

Flauta Mágica - Populous

Just such a beautiful song.

Fell in Love - ETSY

Etsy is a great singer with an R&B feel, but more intrepid. I like her music a lot, and I am in love with all this track.

Kerosene - Biig Piig

This song is my favorite track to exercise and to walk to.

Co Star - Amaarae

I am addicted to this song; I love the intention of the voice that is like a little girl playing around with music.

Mangüeiro - Baiuca

Such a heavy song. So much power with this indigenous feel, and authentic elements. It's -Gallego” the language from Galicia, Spain. Baiuca is a very young producer and musician that has one of the most powerful live shows I have ever seen in my life.


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