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PBR Streetgang

By: Dream Chimney

The following interview was conducted in April 2023


PBR Streetgang are celebrating their 20th Anniversary with the release of a superb compilation of their work from across their career. During that period they have released on Futureboogie, Throne Of Blood, 2020Vision, Hot Creations, Crosstown Rebels and Skint Records and remixed Kylie, Lana Del Rey, Bryan Ferry, Hot Chip and Friendly Fires and that's just the tip of the ice berg. They are a duo who have immersed themselves in club music and that dedication flows through their musical DNA. The compilation straddles the whole 20 years from their early originals right through some of their finest remixes including never previously pressed gems from Bryan Ferry, Hot Chip and Romanthony. Here we ask Bonar Bradberry to talk us through six albums that have impacted his musical world.

6 Inspirational Albums from PBR Streetgang (Bonar Bradberry)

U-Ziq - 1977

The rest of my picks go back in time a little, so I wanted to share something that I only picked up last week. Everything about it is great, the flow of the album, it's depth and variation, yet it has a real cohesion to it. Made all the more special by the beautiful and thoughtfully created art and packaging of the 12”. It's so inspiring to see this much love and care go into the releases - Balmat (the label) - put out.

Sault - 11

Been a huge admirer or Sault for a few years now, the way they have presented themselves, the anonymity, the zero to no marketing, just letting the quality of their work (which is breathtaking) speak for itself is something that is near on impossible these days, making this even more incredible. I could have picked a number of albums of theirs that I listen to regularly, but I've gone for this just because 'Higher' was one of my feel-good tracks of 2022.

Metro Area - Metro Area

Even though some will say it's a collection of Ep's (all of which I bought) that became an album, I think that's irrelevant. The simplicity and elegance of this Album is timeless. It is truly a dance music masterpiece, no hyperbole whatsoever. It has been a constant source of inspiration since its release, it is a record that will always have a special place with me, inextricably entwined with a period of exiting change and new beginnings in my life.

Kruder & Dorfmeister - The K&D Sessions 1&2

Not Strictly an album - if you wanted to be pedantic - but I would argue this is a one of the most coherent bodies of work you will find, which to me makes an album. Completely different to anything I'd heard before at the time, and really blurred the lines of remix with its original production and collaboration. 25 years old now, but I feel it has aged beautifully and still stands up today sounding great. Such rewarding listen.

Air - Moon Safari

Another one from 1998, the peak of my teens, what a record! It might be a little cliché' d to some now, but certain music that came out of France in the late nineties (Daft Punk, I:Cube, Cassius, Super Discount, Phoenix et al) shaped my generations tastes quite a lot. I remember so clearly the day my friend Anthony played it to me for the first time, it was incredible. Even though it has a retro sound in many ways it felt completely fresh, vital, and romantic all at the same time. If ever there was a record to soundtrack the first time you fall in love, this is it.

Stevie Wonder - Talking Book

While there are arguably better, more important albums of his canon, this was my entry point to Stevie's world and the one I've listened to most. My cousin Michael who has learning disabilities is probably his biggest fan (that's no exaggeration btw he really is). When his parents died he came to live with my family and we shared a room, we would just listen to every Stevie Wonder album he ever made. I am eternally grateful for him sharing his collection with me and igniting my love for this genius' work. It has the backbone or the foundation for my music sensibility and original source of inspiration.

"Twenty" is out April 14 2023 on Kurtz Records