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PBR Streetgang

By: Dream Chimney

The following interview was conducted in May 2023

Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe are PBR Streetgang. 2023 marks twenty years in music for these two charming individuals. Both based in the UK, they have been putting out monumental tracks, playing the hottest gigs, and headlining the best festivals. They are shortly to do a stage takeover at The Wild Wood Disco Festival in the UK in June. Ahead of the event as ask them 10 dream questions.

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Did you ever dream in the beginning that PBR Streetgang were going to be what you guys are today?

I certainly didn't think we would be doing this 20 years later but there weren't any grand dreams or plans back then we both knew this is what we wanted to do but that's about as far as it went I guess

You have achieved a lot as DJ's. What is your dream event to play at?

We've been very lucky play at some incredible clubs, festivals, and parties. Honestly any place that has a good sound system and a full crowd that is open to whatever we play is a dream gig.

What would be your dream gig to attend and why?

Well, if were dreaming we would have loved to go to the Paradise Garage a couple of times.

What is your dream studio set up?

A big space well acoustically treated with loads of natural light, I love my set up right now but its underground with no windows. 8 hours a day without sunlight isn't good for anybody. There a place In the west country called Devon Analogue Studios, that's pretty much near perfect for me.

What artist past or present, would be your dream collaboration?

Ooof, that's a tough one … if I could get my imposter syndrome under control I'd love to spend a day in the studio with George Clinton

Who is the artist of your dreams right now?

That's just as tough! There are so many brilliant artists making great music, very hard to pick, narrow it down a bit to our sort of world though; Alex Kassian has been making some excellent stuff lately.

If you were not DJs and producers, what would be your dream jobs?

I dunno this is the dream job for me .. but something in design would make me happy I think. Tom studied Sculpture so I thing being able to pursue that would be fulfilling.

In your wildest dreams what would be your perfect party starter?

Well, it all depends on the party really but if it's us playing all night in a little intimate space then Fred Wesley has been our go to ritual opener. It's a bit like a manifesto for the night ahead.

And what is your dream sunset tune?

We have a few to be honest but this is always up there for watching the sun go down.

Name a record you love with the word 'dream' in it?

Deep Dish Presents Prana - The Dream (Sharam's Deep Dish Dreamscape)

The Wild Wood Disco Festival
June 16th - 18th

Tickets are currently £120 for a weekend (which includes camping), it is £65 for Saturday, £40 for Sunday. Car Park price is £6 in advance.


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