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The following interview was conducted on February 29, 2024

Nebraska Always on point, always interesting, never the norm. Alistair Gibbs aka Nebraska is in his own lane, that’s for sure. This week sees him drop another beauty entitled ‘Senza Parole’ – or like Frank Sinatra says “do be doo be doo..”

After countless releases on quality labels like Delusions of Grandeur, Wolf Music, and Heist, “Senza Parole” is up on his own Friends and Relations label, the platform designed for the London based producer to ‘do his own thing’. We thought it would be cool for Nebraska to share with us his late-night selections when he takes the party back to his. The lights are down low, the brandy is flowing, the shoes are well and truly off. This is the playlist.

Everyone Back to Mine Playlist

Lamb 'Transfatty Acid' (K&D Remix)

Starts with the sound of someone arriving… Kruder & Dorfmiester delivered so many classics in the hey-day of downtempo music. A bit obvious maybe, but only because it's still incredible.

Chameleon ‘Links'

The tempo jump to D&B at the end of the previous track gets us to Global Communication's supreme contribution to the genre. "Life moves pretty fast…”

Herbie Hancock ‘Chameleon'

I’ll take that title coincidence and run with it! Resisting the temptation to play the 1975 live version from the Japanese ‘Flood’ LP (too crazy for this time of the night).

Placebo ‘Balek’

Hancock-influenced Belgian synth-funk from 1973. Sounds so fresh and relevant today. What’s not to love?

Q-Tip ‘Wait up’

Echoing the insistent 16th note synth from the Placebo track. My favourite MC with a bumpy little number from a Dilla-produced LP. Speaking of whom…

J Dilla ‘Two Can Win’

…the king of the beatheads, the deity of diggers. Dilla’s attitude to sampling changed the game, but also still appeals beyond the nerds.

The Fosters ‘Only One Can Win’

The source for the sample of the previous track. It’s great, but also reveals how Dilla heard potential in songs that most of us wouldn’t have.

Don Blackman ‘Hearts Desire’

Slinky early 80s soul played by serious fusion dudes with chops. Dennis Chambers balances deceptively simple drums with hyper-accurate double-kick fills and trills.

Massive Attack ‘Protection’ (Brian Eno Remix)

Almost trite to put a Massive Attack song in a list like this, but this Eno mix remains a touchstone for how to structure and not rush a great piece of music. The way it ends could segue beautifully into…

Miles Davis ‘Recollections’

The longest, slowest, most beautiful thing from Miles later fusion period. The most played track on my headphones when travelling. Sounds like life on the floor of a rainforest. Good night, one and all.


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