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More Amour

By: Dream Chimney


More Amour is made up of Artwork and Jon Solo, both veterans of the music scene. Artwork is known for his Arthouse Parties in the UK, plus his wild party nights at Pikes Hotel in Ibiza, while Jon Solo, keyboard wizard, and highly experienced touring musician having toured with the likes of Imagination in his illustrious career. Friends for more than two decades, they recently formed More Amour as an outlet for the type of music they make, and the music they want to listen to. This week sees them release Solar Flair/ Heatwave on their home label Hi Quality Records Inc. Here we ask them to dig deep in their musical minds and drops some albums that have made an impact on them.

Artwork - Inspirational Albums

Claude Larson - Environment

This is one of the first records I bought from Beanos. It was about £3 and I played it to death (had to find another copy eventually.) Early electronic stuff but so bold and so much funk. He just had it going on!

Frank Zappa - Joe's Garage

Double album rock opera about some guys starting a band in a garage and their journey through the music industry. Some of the best musicianship you'll ever hear. The important thing for me was that you could mix humour with the best music in the world without needing to be super serious. Probably listened to that more than any other.

D Train - The Best of the 12 inch Mixes

I've always wanted to pick a 'best of' since Alan Partridge picked 'The Best of The Beatles' as his favourite Beatles album. But it is D Train. You can't touch D Train, and all the mixes are on here. You can't go wrong.

Jon Solo - Inspirational Albums

Imagination - Night Dubbing

A remix album of Imagination's hits like Flashback, Just an Illusion and Music and Lights. What's not to like?! It was amazing to get to tour with Imagination and perform these songs all over the world even years after they were hits.

Herbie Hanock - Head Hunters

Incredible breakthrough album. Such an amazing band (all playing multiple instruments) and Herbie's Rhodes playing is FIRE! And the bass line in Chameleon…

Steely Dan - Aja

The writing, musicianship and production on this album is just a masterclass. I'd still give anything to be as clever and talented as that.

More Amour Release 'Solar Flair / Heatwave' On Friday 7th April On Hi Quality Records Inc.