Hormone - Smoothsayer EP
A d v e r t i s e m e n t


By:Ryan Chimney

To start, how have you been handling the past few shelter-in-place quarantine months?

Its been a rough time for sure! My wife and child have been going out for walks, taking drives to not be overwhelmed. It has been a difficult time especially for children I feel.

I was super excited to see the announcement for your upcoming 12" release in my inbox a few weeks ago. Absolutely love the tracks! How did you connect with Imogen to make this happen?


I had spoken to Ilija a very long time ago but wasn't able to produce anything at that time. I hadn't produced music in a long time but then got the itch again. I was starting to make music again and I think we said hi on Facebook and then started the conversation then.

I heard a track from you recently on the latest Eskimo comp. What else have you been up to recently ? Are you still in the Bay Area ?

I have been producing here and there as I help my family's restaurant in Palo Alto California. I live in San Francisco with my wife and daughter.

Your early releases on Headinghome, Greyhound etc. were big hits for me, played them at every party during those years. How did you get connected with Garth / Greyhound etc. ?

Thanks I appreciate that! Garth was I think the third label to work with me I was put in contact with him by Dj Seven in San Francisco if I recall correctly .


Is the cover for the Dancefloor Destruction 12" family or relatives of yours ? What's the story behind the front and back cover photographs ?

Yes those are my parents! My father Jose Miranda (on bass) was in a Spanish band in the 70's "Los Pumas" and my mother Maria would play with them also. That's her on the cover!

What were some of your earliest influences / artists or albums ?

Anything George Clinton, Bernie Worrell, Dj Premier, Public Enemy Dr. Dre/NWA and a ton of radio. Tower Records was were I spent a lot of time as a youth and loved all types of music. Also spent a lot of myself afternoons at Drapers Music in Palo Alto across from my parents restaurant. This is were I fell in love with music gear.

I know there were some Michoacan live performances in the past, what do you use to perform and what is your process for vocals and playing live ?

I used an Akai Mpc2000xl for samples FX Ableton Live to mix parts and on vocals Kaoss pad KP3. I also used aka s5000 samplers for live synths just for reliability.

I think I was told by our mutual friend Tony Watson that you also produce other music on the side, is that true and what might we have heard from you but didnt know it ?

Tony!!! Shout out Tony Watson! Man I have been away from everything music. I also produce rap/hip-hop with my brother Daniel Drums we have not played together but he has done stuff with Jay Rock, Tony Yayo to name a few.

What are some of your current favorite releases / artists ?

I love Ilija's new album Sagittarii very nicely recorded huge sound! I also really enjoy Darshan Jesrani's Star Tree releases they are just perfect. What else, I really have not kept up unfortunately with to many new releases by name but have heard mixes that had amazing music. It's like I put music on pause for a long while. Todd Terje's album was amazing also Toro y Moi's Ep, MGMT's album was great! What I find is that there is really quality music coming out in all types of genres I LOVE THAT!

Any other productions or projects coming up for you in the near future?

Yes there is a 12" coming out on HeadingHome Recordings soon it's already finished just waiting for remixes at this point shout out to Leonard & Lillyanne .

I'm working on new stuff but at a slower pace just because of work but I really enjoy recording ,I just purchased a dual BAE mic pre that I love and fixed my Sequential Circuits Six-Trak so that always promotes new music!

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