Mark E

By: Dream Chimney

The following interview was conducted in November 29, 2023

Everyone Back to Mine Playlist

Mark E makes music for the heads. With his next offering ‘Enchantment Under the Sea’ up now on Delusions of Grandeur, we invite the UK DJ and underground producer to take us through some of his late-night-after hours selections. Turn the lights down low, kick off your shoes, and lean back into this sensational selection from the don.

Eric serra - Learning Time

We went to Ibiza in '94 and this was on a tape one of my mates had the foresight to buy from Café del Mar on day 1 of us arriving. Beautiful and 100% Balearic.

Seigen Ono – Julia

Another one from that holiday. I think this one made me cry on a few occasions. Thanks Jose.

Jill Scott – Cross my mind

Exudes style, incredibly sexy, and soooo soulful. I think this is my favourite Jill Scott. What a tune!

Maisha – Azure

Beautiful deep spiritual music, effortlessly easing my journey into realizing how amazing jazz can be.

Nala Seniphro – Space 8

17 minutes of pure joy. Stunning, deep, ambient jazz. I think I heard I Gilles play this one first.

Sade – I couldn't Love you more

I just love this one by Sade. I had a house remix of this which was amazing, but this original is so much better. So deep.

Meftah - Music that excites me

I've become a real big fan of Meftah. Everything I hear from him I'm into. It strikes a balance between an old forgotten jazz number and some future techno. I dunno, it's just excellent music.

Molinaro – Dis & Disolve

Molinaro, another one who manages to get that ambient futurism spot on. So understated but so full of class and expectation.

Ron Trent – Melt into you

The mega don Ron wiping the floor with all before him with his very classy WARM project. So many to pick from off this album.

Eddie Chacon – Wicked World

Very beautiful video of Eddie and John Carrol Kirby performing this song. It's simple, it just repeats, but its beauty is in how understated it is.


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