Manuel Tur

By: Dream Chimney

The following interview was conducted on June 5, 2024

Everyone Back to Mine Playlist

Manuel Tur The uber talented producer Manuel Tur releases his Intertextural Remix package as a follow up from the delicious long player of low slung trip hop hip hop goodness. Bringing on board some clever remix talent like Dj Counselling & Yuu Udagawa, as well as veteran producer Fred Everything under his All Is Well moniker.

We ask Manuel to take us back to his post- club for his late night selections at the afters…

Dee Dee Bridgewater - Lonely Disco Dancer

The perfect shoes-off record to arrive after the club and pour yourself a nice glass. Also a prime example of peak disco emotional chaos oscillating between delusional euphoria and utter heartbreak to digest the past hours. Cheers!

Nicolette Larson – Lotta Love (Jim Burgess Mix)

Keeping that gentle groove going, this version of a Neil Young-written classic is pure yacht bliss. Dream on.

Pepe Bradock – Path Of Most Resistance

A brilliant track by Pepe, light and floating, but with an irresistible groove that keeps your feet moving even when sitting down on the couch.

Gérald Toto – Away Alive

A laid-back guitar lick that could go on forever, and Gerald Toto singing to you about how you'll feel when you eventually get home. But there's still time until then...

Lawrence – Laid One

This hypnotically pulsating mid-tempo house groove is an absolute all-time favourite of mine. Time to get up and have a scotch and soda refill before your mind drifts off!

Charles Webster feat. Shara Nelson – This Is Real

Trademark ethereal Charles Webster deepness and the voice of Shara Nelson. Name a better duo, I'll wait.

Mala Rodriguez – Yo No Mato Tiempo

Time to throw in some trippy Spanish female hip-hop with a replayed sample every house head will recognise. The song is also an interesting reflection on the wasting of time, but we're not thinking about that now, are we?

Sébastien Tellier & Caroline Polachek - In the Crew of Tea Time (Mr Dan Dub Version)

What better opportunity to drop this 7” of the obscure collaboration between two of pop music's quirkiest figures, originally recorded for an absolutely bonkers commercial for Air France. For the occasion I'd pick the usual tape delay dub carnage on the b-side by Dan Carey, who also produced the original.

ELIZA – Straight Talker

I could have just listed all ten tracks from ELIZA's A Sky Without Stars album here, it's that good. Dark, mysterious, funky as hell. Head-nod away.

Blumfeld – Tausend Tränen Tief

Closing out with a song in German. This well-known classic of the so-called Hamburg School only needs a drum machine, almost bossa-like guitars and bittersweet strings to melt your heart, even if you don't understand the remarkable beauty of the lyrics. Imagine AIR meet Rilke. Time to go home everyone!


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