By: Dream Chimney

The following interview was conducted on January 18, 2024

Everyone Back to Mine Playlist

Manakinz Max Raskin is one half of Glasgow duo Manakinz. Shortly to release a lively compilation of eight solid club tracks he made with Harri ‘James’ Harrigan from the legendary Sub Club in Scotland. Max has been playing on the Glasgow underground scene for some time with a residency at the Liquid Lounge, and at the iconic Sunday Circus for 9 fun-filled years, earning himself a solid reputation among heads as one of the city’s most thrilling and innovative players. He’s released on Sensu, Esa’s Rememory Music, La Dune, Posterboy, Lyceum Social Club and Huntleys & Palmers Clyde Built compilation series. Max has spent a lot of times in clubs! Here we ask him to take us back to his after a hard night on the dancefloor. The mood is chill, the drinks are flowing, the shoes are off. This is the playlist...

The Revolutionaries - Kunta Kinta Dub

Heard this on Steve McQueen's Small Axe and will always remind me of the flat party scene, but also, how incredibly powerful that series of films was. Harri is also a massive fan of this and reggae/dub in general.

Prince - 17 Days (Piano & Mic Version)

Reminds me of being with close friends over lockdown and falling in love during that time too. I was lucky enough to see Prince when he played here in Glasgow.

Leroy Hutson - Paradise

First heard this on a Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy mix - it absolutely blew me away then and has been doing so on every play ever since. Always makes me feel nice, and I remember, playing it back at an afterparty and everyone else felt just as nice as me, if not nicer.

Letta Mbulu - Nomalizo

This is certainly a truly wonderful vibe which I think my sister put me on to. Love the lyrics that come in at the end and every single other part of this excellent piece.

Rene & Angela - I Love You More

A few months into making tunes with Harri, we were sitting at his computer after a session listening to stuff, and this tune came on. In a baked haze we both commented on how good this was and how much we loved Rene & Angela.

Marcos Valle - Estrelar

Always reminds me of my mate Shaw I used to live with who is an outstanding musician, and we had a mutual appreciation of the sweet trumpet sound and arrangement. Portuguese and disco are a magic combination, and this is the probably the most obvious example.

Sylvia Striplin - You Can't Turn Me Away

I love the sort of squidgy (I guess?) layer of groove that sits on top of the bass on this one. Think I stumbled upon it online somewhere in a Youtube wormhole - still play it often.

Geoff Bastow - Communique

This is the kind of track that I want to go on forever and ever. Good for chilling to but can easily get lost in it on the living room carpet - top stuff.

The S.O.S. Band - High Hopes

I host a few pub quizzes in Glasgow and this track is first on my playlist. Great for setting the mood and also a total jam!

Depeche Mode - It's No Good (Andrea Parker Mix)

Ever so slightly darker than my other selections but I heard it in 2002 on the Global Underground Afterhours mix, -Party After the Party” and will always take me back to house parties during that time - it's still, more than twenty years on, one of my favourite mixes ever.


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