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The following interview was conducted on June 19, 2024

Inspirational Albums

Lumberjacks In HellLumberjacks In Hell proudly presents its first release in two and half years from Lu/Lu & LYMA with HOT MOLTEN LAVA. Production duo Lucas van Ee and Tjerk Lammers formed a side project to the Amsterdam based LIKEMINDS, and together they share a studio together on the outskirts of the city. Lu/Lu & LYMA also manifest their sound in a vibrant and energetic live set. The new release HOT MOLTEN LAVA is a captivating album of electrifying new house anthems that seamlessly combine the pulsating production rhythms of Lu/Lu with the sultry tones of LYMA.

On the week of the album release we ask one half of the duo, LYMA, to talk us through five albums that have made an impact on his musical world.

Paul Simon - Graceland

This was one of the records my dad used to play all the time when I was young. I guess I liked a lot of the things he played but this one really stuck out for me. The 80's African vibe with all these great musicians and then those crazy lyrics song by the honey sweet modest sounding voice of Paul Simon on top just works. An amazing combination of songwriting and grooves in my opinion.

Micheal Jackson – Invincible

This was everything I wanted for Christmas when it came out. I played this record a lot even though I skipped through some of the cheesy ballads on there. The banger tracks on this record sparked something in me that has never left. Just making my ADHD feel rhythm on a whole new level.

D'Angelo - Voodoo

One of the greatest albums every made for obvious reasons. Once I discovered this record I started to study grooves, learned how to stack my vocals and bluff my way into an internship at a studio that Russell Elevado worked at for 3 months. I ended up working there for 8 years trying to learn everything I could about analog recording.

LV & Joshua Idehen – Routes

The least known album on the list, but this one really hit a nerve. Probably was the one albums that made me change my trajectory towards electronic music. I played this record A LOT when it came out, and still like almost all the tracks on there. Great vocals, cool vocal chops and so many different rhythms. Still hypes me up when I listen to it.

Nxworries - Yes Lawd

Just a classic record front to back. Each song still a jam. Great lyrics, great beats. It's like all my favourite soul albums combined, but then the singer curses… Been a fan of both Knxwledge and Anderson Paak from the start, but this record of them together is probably the one I've listened to the most.


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