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The following interview was conducted on May 14, 2024

Lavan Lavan makes his debut on SlothBoogie with a five track EP of superb House rhythms. the Dream Chimney premiere, ‘Heard U Was A Freak’ rounds the whole EP off with cruising deep chords, dreamy melodies, clever vocal sampling and yet more classic H.O.U.S.E basslines. We sit down with Lavan to discuss the new EP and more.

Hey Matt, How're you today? Whats happening in the world of Lavan at the moment?

Ayyo! What's up Dream Chimney crew. I'm good thanks just readjusting to the new week. Most recent event in the world of Lavan was playing at Berlin club Oxi last weekend for the Small Great House party and it was a blast. Then this week I am looking forward to new music seeing the light of day.

You're about to release your new EP on SlothBoogie Recordings... What was it that attracted you to the label and how did the collab come about?

Yes indeedy! SlothBoogie reached out to me back when my Lavan alias was super fresh and offered me a guestmix slot giving me a platform when I was just starting out which meant a lot. We have been cool since having featured on their Dancing With Friends compilation so I am glad to finally be dropping an EP on their label.

Where was the EP made? Can you expand on some of the notable gear/plugins you used on this?

This EP was made in my tiny little Berlin apartment. At the time of creation I had a Waldorf Q Keyboard, Moog Mintaur, my trusty MPC1000 along with all my vinyls for sampling. Then on top of that I borrowed a couple of synths from my friend which were the Moog M32 & DFAM along with the Roland TB-3 Aira. Plug-in wise I was lucky since my friend works with SSL so he hooked me up with their native plug-in suite subscription after I provided him with some stems for demoing new products. One noteworthy difference on this particular EP was I decided to learn some piano basics which informed my composition approach and became a nice way to generate ideas. Also, gotta shout out the homie Corsica One for providing the wicked piano solo on Tremendous.

Can you describe the connection between your music and your UK roots, and how they continue to influence your music today?‍

My eldest brother was a UK Garage DJ then my middle brother was a Garage/Grime MC so I was exposed to UK urban music before I had quite realised. I cut my teeth in music production making Grime music when it was strictly a British genre. Back then people used to send around Grime tracks via bluetooth from phone to phone so I was bumping artists such as Wiley, Kano, D Double E and Dizzee Rascal. Certain UK Hip-Hop albums also soundtracked my teenage years such as Skinnyman - Council Estate Of Mind and Klashnekoff - The Sagas Of Klashnekoff. The depth of multiculturalism makes the music scene so vibrant in the UK and when going out it was quite normal to hear a mix of Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Afrobeat and House. I think the way it informs my music now is how I love this balance of smooth yet rugged. It's got to be acknowledged that US Hip-Hop was also huge in the UK therefore 90s/00s Hip-Hop was on heavy rotation too. The very first album that sparked my passion for music was DMX - It's Dark And Hell Is Hot.

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As a producer, what message do you hope to convey through your music? What themes or ideas do you find yourself returning to again and again in your work?

The essence within my music is this idea of keeping connected to your spiritual side and relates to scratching beneath the surface seeking a deeper meaning. In day to day life we sometimes can't be our true self or express our true feelings so producing music is a chance for me to explore those buried feelings and convey that raw truth. It’s funny because I like to mix things up a bit yet people hear my music and say it’s got a distinct Lavan sound to it which I am happy about but also I did not intend for it to be like that. I guess my stubbornness has somehow affected my music in a positive way haha.

Hows life In Berlin since your move? Can you give us your top 3 tips

Life in Berlin is real nice and although I miss my family I think moving here is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Alright my top 3 tips.

Favourite club for house music - Heideglühen

Favourite food spot - Hühnerhaus 36 (no thrills Turkish chicken & rice restaurant)

Favourite record shop - Bikini Waxx

Give us some other producers we should be listening to right now.

Glenn Davis, Black Eyes and East Coast Love Affair I am digging for authentic house music. Garage music wise L&F who runs Berlin record label +98 has been crafting some fresh material that will be dropping soon so check him out. For something a bit different DJ Pirna dropped an EP which drifts between electro & house with a soulful Detroit flavour but surprisingly is coming out of Dresden, Germany.

Whats next for you after your SlothBoogie EP? Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or collaborations you have in the works? Are there any new directions or sounds you're exploring in your music right now?

I myself am currently working on a couple of new EPs. I just try to keep an open mind to the inspiration that finds me and explore whatever direction that sends me in. That being said, sampling from records is always my foundation as it’s a cycle of energy for me from buying the record because it captures me to sampling elements of that to inject my personality into my productions. I joined forces with my close friend Max from London to launch the Ascension on Wax record label so we are curating some fresh releases for that this year. Corsica One who played keys on Tremendous crafted some material with me with our first track landing on broken beat label Dance Regular and we have plans to work on more music together. There are also some things bubbling with a dope Berlin based house producer who crossed my path recently but I won’t say too much as I am a bit superstitious ha. Just stay tuned for that one.

Finally, Which are the three records that you’ve been putting in your bag recently without hesitating?

OoOoo hard to select only 3 but if I had to guess it would be …Black Chunes & Manhattan Project - Out Of The Blue EP, 24hr Experience - More Dub Essentials Part 2, Paris Underground Trax - Vol. 1.

Appreciate you bringing me in for a little chit chat and hope you guys have a positive rest of the year. Peace


Check out the latest release from Lavan.


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