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By: Dream Chimney

The following interview was conducted September 21, 2023


French DJ and producer Laroye has released music on respected labels like Atjazz Recordings, Compost, and Local Talk. His unique blend of studio wizardry and live instrumentation is his calling card and on his next EP ‘First Sight’ on the UK’s Freerange Records, Laroye invites influential Detroit artist, DJ, producer, and vocalist Javonntte to join forces on the title track. Designed to make dancers dance, Laroye comes correct once again on this new EP. Here we ask the South Coast UK residing Frenchman to talk us through some albums that have touched his soul.

Inspirational Albums

Stevie Wonder "Journey through the secret life of plants"

It's like a concept album not everybody knows from him. Some really ambient or experimental vibes from the genius of Stevie. You can hear some world instruments from Asia or India mixed with the sound of a big synthesizer (I'm sure it's the Yamaha CS 80) and of course some beautiful ballads.

When I decided to improve my musicality and started to learn piano Harmony 12 years ago, "Send one your love" was one of my transcribing exercises. Check out "Race Rambling" which is kind of a deep techno soul jazz track.

The Doobie Brothers "Minute by Minute"

If I was a real singer, I would like to be Michael Mc Donald haha! I love this album with The timeless "What a fool Believes" and "Here to Love you" showcasing the classic sound of the iconic Oberheim 4 voices. The instrumentation and the vocal arrangements are just perfection!

Donald Fagen "The Nightfly"

The Man behind the beauty of Steely Dan. I call this music "Sophisticated pop Jazz". This is exactly the type of Album I'd love to do on my musical journey. "I.G.Y" "Green Flower Street" "New Frontier" are Masterpieces in terms of sound production, writing and arrangement!

Prince "Sign O the Times"

One from my childhood soundtrack! This album made me dance and sing a lot! I was reading the lyrics in the booklet of the CD. From 10 years old I was not sure I understood most of the words, but I could feel the emotion and it was certainly my first English sounding lesson.

I'm still so emotionally moved when I’m listening "Sign ’o’ the times" - "Housequake" – "The ballad of Dorothy Parker" and "Starfish and coffee".

Leon Parker "Belief"

I was so touched when I heard this album for the first time, and he connected me a lot with African rhythms. The way he blends all the traditional sounds with jazz it’s simply beautiful. It’s also a period in my life (around 17 years old) when I was starting to play the Djembe and realised, I was not too bad haha! The whole album is a beauty!!