John Beltran

By: Dream Chimney

The following interview was conducted in November 9, 2023

Thanks for speaking with us at Dream Chimney. Tell us a bit about the new track "Canarias” on the upcoming Kulture Galerie Vol 2 release.

John Beltran Interview Image

yeah... I've been in a real balearic place for a couple of years now. Since Covid, where patio gigs and parties became the gathering spot of choice and those sunset vibes have inspired what I've been doing in the studio as well. Similar to my island beach tune Mallorca on Oath, Canarias stays true to my beachy themes of late.

There are two versions of the track on the release, the original and ambient version. How did the two versions take shape? Can we expect more ambient versions in the future?

I just went a bit more breezy on the ambient version…something that is obviously easy for me. I am about to embark on a new John Beltran LP and I'm still conceptualizing my vision of where I want to take this next adventure.

How did you get hooked up with Kulture Galerie and Metropolitan Soul Museum?

They were long time fans of my music and they just reached out! I'm easy going enough and appreciate when people show love for what I do.

What are some key elements to your production style? What is your current workspace / studio setup ?

I've been playing keys more these days. Learning new progressions in the soul and jazz realm. I have a Korg Nautilus and it has impeccable piano, rhodes and pad sounds for sitting and exploring new progressions and harmonies. I use Protools and have a plethora of analog and digital boards. Like the prophet as well as quite a few VST’s like Roland synths, Arturia and native Instruments.

Also enjoying the video by Filippo Rocco for the track, seems a nice fit for the track. How did the video come about? Where was the footage taken?

He picked videos that would fit a mood board of how it feels to land in a new place at night - Something I find exciting and scary and melancholic and refreshing. Most of it came up when he landed in Helsinki whilst listening to “canarias’

We enjoyed your last release “Para Viajeros“ also. What do you have coming up next?

Look out for the follow up LP to that on Oath called Serendipia! I’m also producing a new Sol Set EP.