Ewan Jansen

By: Dream Chimney

The following interview was conducted on January 29, 2024

Everyone Back to Mine Playlist

Ewan Jansen It’s been interesting to watch Cyphon Recordings it’s the gradual but certain ascent. The label was born out of the Freerange & Delusions of Grandeur home and is dedicated to all sounds of electronica from the past and new age techno leanings. This time Australian producer and live performer, Ewan Jansen, steps up to the plate with his ‘Chroma Sea’ EP. With three decades of making music behind him, the Red Ember label head delivers another sensational EP proving why he has gained such underground respect. With the EP full of deep and heady club grooves, we asked him to take us back to his after the party. Here are some late hours selections from the Aussie Powerhouse.

"The Pelican Brief" by James Horner

A quick but masterful pastiche from my favourite film genre: the 90s thriller. A subtle but ominous opener to any adventure.

"Sympathy and Acknowledgement" by Mark Isham

From his 1st studio album, Isham bridges the world of new age, ambient, film-score in a very unique and stoic way.

"Blonde" by Guesch Patti

The only good thing about the movie Pillow Book apart from McGregor in the nud. I like how it gracefully pops it's cork at the end.

"Voice Of The Earth" by Spacetime Continuum

OK. All aboard the mushroomic tramtrain. Express to Amygdala-land. I'm not a DJ, so if someone can tell me where the handbrake is...

"The Light At The End” by Zen Paradox

Feels like the unique sound of Australia in the early 90's. Different to the sound of kids chomping pollywaffles.

"Dark Continent” by Sandoz

Richard H Kirk left this world with many gifts. It's a fulfilling treasure hunt for those left on this mud pattie.

"Suspiria" by Carl Craig

How is this desolate wasteland so beautiful? That's Carl and his amazing techni-color scarf.

“Maya" by Banco De Gaia

Sweetie you must try the Banco. You simply must.

“Force” by The Detroit Escalator Co

Even at the afters, Detroit cats always bring the muscle and steely eyes.

"Quiet Forest" by Hiroshi Yoshimura

I’ve started making fresh kale + ginger smoothies for everyone but you’ve already snuck off to see a man about a horse.


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