By: Dream Chimney

The following interview was conducted in November 28, 2023

A quick chat with long time Dream Chimney favorites both artist, label owners and DJs, Coyote. Tim and Ampo join us to share a bit about their latest release "Hurry Up & Live". Have a listen to a premiere of "Beltane" from the album.

A bit of backstory for those unfamiliar with Coyote, how did the two of you meet and decide to start working together?

Tim - We first met a long time ago djing at Venus. We had a lot of mutual friends in the Nottingham and Leicester crews. Then Ampo moved back from London we met up again and we just started talking about producing.

Ampo - yes Tim was weekly resident at Venus and I was invited to come and play every other week and we met then.

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What was the music scene like when you first started producing / DJing? How did you guys get hooked into the scene at the time ?

Tim - I had produced some music in the early 90's so it was house and a balearic style heavily influenced by italian house. When we started producing together we were listening to all sorts, very eclectic. House, electronic, dub, hip hop. Had a project called Unity Crescent, then we started Coyote and the label

Ampo - For me It was big acid house warehouse parties more than clubs travelling up and down the country to various parties and clubs which got me into Djing around 1989, also listening to pirate radio influenced me a lot, the music was lots of US UK house Hip hop acid stuff.

Your label 'Is it Balearic?” started in 2006. Did you imagine it would still be going strong nearly 20 years later ?

Tim - you never know, it wasn't something we thought about though. we came close a couple of times to it not continuing due to a couple of unforeseen circumstances. distro going bust was one

Ampo - No idea it would be going this long we just take a release at a time, some releases successful, others not, luckily it's not a business for us, its just for the love so that probably contributes to its longevity and takes the pressure off, we just have fun with it and try and put out stuff we like.

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Tell us a bit about your upcoming new album "Hurry Up & Live," and some inspirations behind it.

Tim - Its a little more electronic and more melancholic I think than our usual LPs but still has the coyote feel. Inspirations are always life and its absurdities, esoteric themes and connections.

Ampo - Its normally triggered by single track and builds from there, as Tim says a little more electronic in sound than our other stuff. I would call it Euphoric Melancholic!

What is the creative process for the two of you when making the album? How or has it changed at all since the two of you first started.

Tim - We both work on stuff remotely sharing as we go then do final mixes in the studio if we can. We are buzzing for a new Coyote project coming up in the new Black Bear studio we have set up. A more analogue sound will hopefully come out of those sessions.

Ampo - Yes we program ideas and share work up loose arrangements and move to rough mixes before deciding to finish or not.

Any other upcoming releases for -Is It Balearic?” or “Magic Wand” labels?

Tim - Full through 24 with releases, another Coyote special editions on MW, Marius Circus, Wrekin Havoc, nt, Roberts Diary, and Max Essa all in the schedule plus some more Coyote edits. A collab with Quinn Luke Lamont and a really cool comp

Ampo - Apart from what Tim listed a couple of tracks for Chris Coco DSPR label for the summer so far!

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What are some of your favorite new releases and/or artists ?


The Rutan- Whitey, just so good


LSW - No future

Under Alt – 3

GFH - E For E

Squeeze Dogs - Crunch Dub

A.N.F - C.B.O.T.E.O.C

Any upcoming Coyote gigs / parties ? Have you guys played in the states before or any plans?

Tim - Monthly night here in Nottingham and we will do our yearly recharge in Ibiza next summer a couple of times hopefully.

Ampo - no not played in the US, I don't get asked to do much in the UK tbh


"Hurry Up & Live" is out Jan 22, 2024 on Is It Balearic. Pre-order from Juno.