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The following interview was conducted on February 26, 2024

Carlo Berin based producer Carlo hits different on Bisiesto – the NEW imprint planning to release just once every four years on leap year. Known well for his Aterral label that has played host to some solid releases from his homie Black Loops as well as his own productions, all with a common deep house thread. On this new release we find the Spanish producer in more thoughtful and introspective territories with his album entitled ‘Todo Bien’, written and produced in the twilight zone of lockdown. Continuing on the album tip, we asked Carlo to highlight five long players that have impacted his musical journey.

Inspirational Albums

Portishead - Dummy

This album was a game-changer, an absolute watershed moment for me. I had never encountered anything quite like it before, and it instantly captivated me. I have vivid memories of being in Granada at a friend's house, where we listened to it on repeat for the entire night.

Radiohead - In Rainbows

When I used to live in London with my friends, we only had like 3 different albums to play on the radio in the kitchen and this was our favourite one. For 2 years I was preparing breakfast listening to this CD on a roll. So good.

Black Sabbath - Technical Ecstasy

When I was about 15 years old, my friends and I used to go to the center of Malaga every Saturday to browse new CDs at a local store. I bought this album without knowing much about Black Sabbath, and it was absolutely astonishing to listen to it on repeat throughout my teen years. Plus, the cover art is absolutely fascinating.

Bebo Valdés & Diego El Cigala - Lágrimas Negras

This album is a unique fusion of jazz and Latin grooves infused with profound Flamenco vibes. Its depth has the power to touch your soul every time you listen to it. It entered my life around 12 years ago, and I find myself revisiting it every few months for an emotional journey. The rawness of life resonates deeply in Cigala's vocals.

Michael Jackson - Dangerous

From a young age, I've been a music enthusiast, and my parents gifted me a small Hi-Fi system with a turntable. Among the few albums I had, Michael Jackson's stood out, and I played it endlessly. Though I was too young to grasp the lyrics, the music resonated deeply with me. I still have the vinyl record in my collection as one of my most precious treasures.


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