Brian Kage

By: Dream Chimney

The following interview was conducted on April 27, 2024

Everyone Back to Mine Playlist

Brian KageBrian Kage hails from the Motor City of Detroit. He’s been living and breathing in Detroit’s musical vibes his entire life. With highly accomplished releases on Planet-E, Craigie Knowes, We Play House, FXHE, Berettamusic, and his own label Michigander, his productions are known for their depth, soul, and technical prowess. He is about to release an incredible body of work, a four piece vinyl album filled to the outer grooves with authentic deep house and D Town techno tinged goodness that will amaze you. We thought it would be fun to get Brian to take us to the after party from the club for a change of musical mood. The drinks are flowing, the lights are low, this is the playlist.

LosMirlos - Cumbia de Los Pajaritos / La Danza de Los Mirlos

Love the psychedelic Peruvian cumbia tunes. So sneaky and groovy. Fun to dance to and groove around at a campfire with a nice beverage and great pals.

The Scientist - Scientific Dub

What more can I say about the Scientist? Incredible producer ahead of his time. Amazing dubbed out vibes. Warning: Get a few drinks in me, and the "rasta bear" may just make an appearance on the mic. Ask my buddy Luke Hess about Rasta Bear!

Boards of Canada - Aquarius

“Yeah, that's right!” It's Boards of Canada. A huge influence on my music. My friend Chris introduced me to them early on and I've been hooked since. Hopefully we get another album soon!

Washed out - Feel it all around

Just pure summer beach vibes and works perfectly for the after party. Calm, chill, sexy, but fun. This whole album is now a classic.

Drexciya - Andreaen Sand Dunes

Dopest of the dopest chill electro songs, up there with Kraftwerk's Tour de France, but straight from the geniuses in Detroit.

Tycho - See

Perfect chill out, post club vibes. You can of course hear the Boards of Canada influence, but I love that Tycho has taken their ideas in a more guitar-based direction that's all his own.

Lifeformed & Janice Kwan - Memories of Memories - Tunic original soundtrack

Such a deep cut. This one comes from an amazing little video game about a little fox character on a quest about discovery. Highly recommend this entire soundtrack (and the game). Blew me away! Check out their song “Secret Legend” from the same soundtrack for something a little bit sadder and even deeper.

Mitch Murder - Beach Interlude (2020 Rework)

Mitch is the best synthwave/chillwave producer of our generation for sure. Honestly, he can do any style and totally school it. Love all his music and particularly this song. Check out his albums “Interceptor” & “Then Again”. Get them on wax for the best experience.

Nick Drake - Pink Moon

Incredibly moving, nostalgic, and infectious. Love this song. Which is longer, but that’s what makes it so great.

Underworld - Banstyle/Sappy Curry

Underworld is another big influence on my music, and I love how different this song is for them. It’s like chill drum and bass yet evolving in true Underworld fashion.


Boards of Canada - Peacock Tail

Ok, I had to put another Boards of Canada song on the list. Play this one at my funeral. In fact, play this whole album.

Bob Marley - Three Little Birds

Bob said it best, didn’t he? A good reminder that everything is gonna be alright. The best vibes here.

Bill Withers - Lovely Day

This is the best sunrise song you wanna hear with your closest people. Again, just the best vibes here.


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