Anna Cavazos

By: Dream Chimney

The following interview was conducted in November 4, 2023


Little Giant Records are about to release the ‘Love Interlude EP’ by Anna Cavazos. Vocalist, producer and DJ, we catch up with the New York based multi talent and ask her to talk us through six albums that have impacted her musical world.

Inspirational Albums

Herbert's | Bodily Functions K7 2001

I first discovered this album when I played the vinyl of -Leave me Now” at a friend's house. He ended up giving me the record b/c I was playing it over and over driving him crazy. Dani Siciliano's voice and the emotion of the track just move me to tears and Matt Herbert's production is always so interesting.

Daft Punk's | Homework 1997

When I first heard this album, it sounded like it had come from another planet. I was in Santa Barbara California and had a friend who was into house music and raving. He played it for me and it was like something I had NEVER heard before. It blew my mind. “Around the World” is stunning! I played it recently at a festival in LA and people lost their minds.

Little Dragon | Studio Album 2007

Heard the track “Twice” at the end of a yoga class and I was completely floored by the vocals and the haunting sound of the entire composition. It brought me to tears in a yoga studio and still does to this day.

Fat Freddy’s Drop | Based on a True Story 2005

Dallas’s voice is otherworldly. I recently saw them play at Alexanra Palace in London and was on cloud 9 for days following the show. This album is a collection of musical movements, which take you on a journey through roots reggae, disco, soul and a little bit of everything. Ernie is such a cool track and I’ve played it out at several parties in Montauk. It grooves when it kicks in.

Zero 7 | Simple Things

Just WOW! Masterful production, vocals, everything. When I heard this album for the first time, I was jealous that I couldn’t make music sound this amazing. I love every single track on this album. It’s perfect for a road trip, for a Sunday afternoon, really any moment when you need music to shift your mood for the better, this is the album.

Moloko | Things to Make and Do 2000

I’ve loved Roisin’s voice ever since Sing it Back, but the tune for me on this album is 'The Time is Now’ it’s such a cool message about staying in the moment. I’ve been playing this out at clubs early in my sets and people always comment on how cool it is. The Spanish guitar is everything!