Alex from Tokyo

By: Dream Chimney

The following interview was conducted September 12, 2023

Alex From Tokyo is part of the Sounds Familiar artist roster. On Familiar Sounds Volume 2. Alex drops 'Wa Galaxy' which we highly recommend you check! Here…Alex From Tokyo takes the party back to his with some chilled down sounds after the club. The mood is high, the lights are low, the sounds slide out of his PHONON Music Life speaker in his Paris living room as glorious sun comes up. This is the playlist.


1. Earthtones with Ken Nathaniel - Of the Earth (Temples of Jura)

I am back from a great inspiring trip from Southern California. I organised a laidback Japanese music related event at this amazing yoga and healing space -Light and Space” in the magical town of Ojai with my dear friend Serge Bandura (electronic artist, former jazz musician and meditation teacher) aka Earthtones who is behind this brand new beautiful ambient collaboration project with Kevin Nathaniel based around the Mbira Nyunga Nyunga, the Kalimba and analog synthesizers. It is a peaceful introduction piece to welcome us back at home from the club!

2. Port Of Notes-You Gave Me A Love (Chari Chari south-end steppers) (Crue-L records)

This is a great dub remix from one of my favorite Japanese producers called Kaoru Inoue aka Chari Chari of the Japanese band Port Of Notes from Tokyo released in 1999. You feel you are in one of those South East Asian tropical forests. I love how Kaoru transformed this sweet bossa nova song into a deep dubby atmospheric musical journey. I played it at the beginning of our event in Ojai, it sounded so good, one of those special gems from Japan I love to share with everyone.

3. Surya Botofasina - Beloved California Temple (Spiritmuse Records)

On our drive back to LA we stopped in Topanga Canyon and we experienced in this beautiful natural garden, a very special live set featuring the extraordinary keyboardist and composer Surya Botofasina and the great multi-talented musician Carlos Nino in honour of Alice Coltrane. This meditative spiritual jazz track is my favorite from his debut album, and it takes me back to our unforgettable Californian trip.

4. LUNASUN - Space Ambition

Let's land now on “Organic Heaven” with the sweet psychedelic spacey electronic sound of this new collaboration project LUNASUN by the legendary Japanese musician and artist Haruo Chikada and OMB. Enjoy this trip!

5. Black Uhuru - Big Spliff

It is time to get groovy with this dope 80s electronic sci-fi dub classic from the amazing album “The Dub Factor” recorded at the Compass Point Studios featuring Sly & Robbie and Wally Badarou. It is the perfect feel good soundtrack for the after party!

6. Masabumi Kikuchi - Dancing Mist

I love the theme and every single part of this 20 minute long super groovy J-Jazz masterpiece from one of my favorite Japanese jazz musician Masabumi Kikuchi from his debut solo album “Poo-Sun” in 1970. Here he plays here some great electric piano featuring also the great Kosuke Mine on sax. The Dancing Mist sprinkles all over you and goes on and on almost like a symphony taking you to a different planet!

7. Curtis Matfield - Tell Me, Tell Me (How Ya Liked To Be Loved)

It's time for some sweet love vibes with this soulful disco jam from 1979 by the king Curtis Mayfield produced by Norman Harris and Ronald Tyson!

8. Reinhard & Reainhard & Charlotte - More Than I Wanted (Music for Dreams)

Welcome to the neo-psychedelic dreamy electronic pop sound of this new one-off project from Ghent (where I lived for a few years) from the very prolific multi-instrumentalist Reinhard Vanbergen and singer Charlotte Caluwaerts. I have been a big fan of this collaboration with sound magician Reinhard Roelandts.

9. Odyssey - Hang Together

The perfect end of great party slow funky R&B jam from Odyssey's 3rd album of the same name “Hang Together”. I have been playing recently in my DJ sets including at the party in the morning at The Basement in LA in August.

10. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Blu

The last record of this great after party would be this amazing bolero piece. I love so much from my music hero Ryuichi Sakamoto (who left us too early in March) from “The Best of Playing the Orchestra 2014” live album he played piano and conducted with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.


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