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  Dream Number: #99
Dream Type: Emotions, Feeling Ill, sorting
Date Posted: 2/14/2006

RavenShark from Canada remembers this:

My dreams were very scattered last night, I had asked for guidance before falling asleep. Guidance in my carreer. This is what i got.------

-I went to the doctor, for a stomach ache. The nurse booked me in for a surgery the next day. I went home excited to be going to the hospital, but a little worried becuase i had no idea what type of surgery it was. The next day wes brought me to check in at the hospital. I was filling out all these forms, that the nurse kept assuring me i did not have to because i had gone through the three stages already. Three stages? Beside me was a friend who just gave birth to a baby, she was seeking my counsel becuase i had been through it three times. I know there is more to this dream but i just can't seem to sort it out in my brain.

In anouther part of the dream I was wearing Three different sheilds. I cannot remember what they look like only that they were big and heavy and seemed very negative to me. Seemed to be connected to the police and punishment.

The scene changed again and I was walking a long deserted highway with my middle child. Destination is highlevel hospital. She was riding a three wheel trike, i a bike. We ran into a very loved co-worker on the way, (carol).

Again the scene changed and I was now sending my husband(not reallife) into this enchanted forest to get me good coffee from the stream. He was shot with two funny sort of bullets. It took him awhile to come back out. he never remembered anything and our relationship was never the same.

Scene change and now I am at some sort of party, dj is playing a guessing game. I am over to the side not participating but knowing all the answers.

Responses from the Dreamers

Return within 24-48 hours to read our Dream Theory. Your dreams are crazy but they matter to us. Give us time and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. Thanks.


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