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  Dream Number: #97
Dream Type: Shapeshifting
Date Posted: 2/14/2006

RavenShark from Canada remembers this:

I was younger and in a basement with a guy i had a small crush on. We were laying on a couch reading spooky stories. We ended up freaking ourselves out so bad we could'nt move. We wanted to go back upstairs but fear kept us where we were. We ended up falling asleep,when i woke up i wanted to make a break for the stairs before i got to scared again. But i could'nt wake him up. So i just left him and started to run for the stairs. When i reached that base of the stairs he woke up and thankfully decided to follow me. While on the stairs I shapeshifted into myself and the guy shapeshifted into my 12 year old daughter. When we got back upstairs my duaghter had four friends sitting around waiting for her. It was her birthday party and she missed some of it from hiding in the basement!

Responses from the Dreamers

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