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  Dream Number: #82
Dream Type: Ghostly
Date Posted: 1/17/2006

Toreshi from remembers this:

Myself and the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer were searching a large, t-shaped attic. I don’t know
why. We were rummaging through boxes, moving things around, etc. when suddenly we heard singing. It
sounded like a little girl singing a lullaby. The sound was far away but seemed to get closer and
louder as it went on. Soon it sounded like it was right next to us, but gradually it started getting
quieter and further away again, as though the singer had simply walked past us.

Next I remember, the Buffy cast were gone and it was one guy and one girl who I don’t quite
remember. We were still in the attic and heard the singing again. This time as it got very close we
noticed something really creepy. There was a doll, wearing a blue dress and having black hair in
braids, moving it’s mouth to the song. I had a camera for some reason, so I started snapping
pictures, making sure to get the doll’s mouth both open and closed.

Next I was downstairs (which was, for some reason, my uncle Tommy’s house) and my cousin Leah was
coming to sleep over. I told her she had to see something. I showed her the pictures of the doll,
which see confirmed were “really creepy” and then I dragged her up a long, turning stairway up to
that same attic. Up there we found another rooting through the junk, a really short guy from junior
high who I only remember as Jonathon. We took no real notice of him and started moving around
waiting for the lullaby. Instead, we started to hear a strange chanting, as though a group of holy
men all speaking together in a foreign language. As with the lullaby it seemed to get closer and
closer until it was on top of us, and then slowing got further and further away. Jonathon yelled to
us from another end of the attic to come see something and when we followed we found a man playing a
large piano. The man was Jeff, a professor I had in my first year of university, and the piano he
was playing, though rather large, only had one and a half octaves of keys. I barely remember, but he
looked rather mad (as in, insane), as though under a spell or something. I remember sweet talking
him, or something, and leading him away from the piano, and getting Jonathon to take him downstairs.
After that, Giles, from Buffy, came back and I set him to work investigating the piano.

At this point it gets a little fuzzy, but more people because involved and somebody thought it would
be a cool idea to make a movie out of our experiences. My cousin and I would star in it, as well as
Jonathon, who seemed absolutely delighted at the idea. I don’t remember much of what happened next,
other than we were planning the movie.

I remember being in a band, and I think we were preparing music for the movie. We were hanging out
in a big school gym, playing our hearts out, when my entire extended family started pouring in. They
started milling around the band, gathering on the floor in front of me, and generally just getting
in the way. I stopped playing my guitar and shouted, “Okay! I know you’re all excited to see me
play, but you are GETTING IN THE DAMN WAY!” And they all seemed to get really offended and stalked off.

The next thing I remember is going back up to the attic by myself. As I was heading up, but before I
got there, I kept seeing weird things like a parking meter, a gumball machine; anything that you
would put a quarter in basically. Then, as I reached the top of the stairs, across on the far wall,
I saw a gas pump. My heart was beating really fast at this point; I think I was finally beginning to
be scared by everything that was happening. I watched while the image of a little girl appeared in
front of the gas pump. She was just standing there with no emotion on her face, her eyes staring
straight forward. The image of a man rushed forward and dropped to his knees, grabbed her by the
shoulders, shook her a little, and then hugged her close and burst into tears. The images faded and
new ones appeared. There was a huge cage in the middle of the room. The man and a woman were crying,
holding the little girl and lowering her into the cage. In the background I could hear the chanting
from before. The images faded once again and I could hear the little girl’s lullaby. I rushed down
to my movie crew to tell them that I had figured out the rest of the story. The ghosts had told me.
According to my explanation of the ghosts’ actions, the little girl had been copying her father at
the gas pump, but for whatever reason had decided to drink the gas. Rather than killing her, it had
cause her permanent brain damage. The parents didn’t know what had happened, and the clergymen told
them that she was possessed. All together they had her locked up in a cage in the attic where she
couldn’t inflict her possession on anyone else. They left her only her little doll. And now she
forever sang her lullaby, the only mentality that had pierced her mind, to lull her doll to sleep.

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