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  Dream Number: #66
Dream Type: Lucid & Crazy & Flying
Date Posted: 12/12/2005

The_Hairy_Lemon from remembers this:

The dream started off in the city, I dont remember what was going on but I found myself flying in the dream so after a while I realized I was dreaming.

This is the first time I was actually able to fly in my dream at will with no problems at all. All I had to do was run and take off. The first half of the dream I was testing out flying techniques and trying to keep my lucidity.

I wasnt exactly flying smoothly, to ascend I could only go up in huge leaps so it was hard to get the altitude I was looking for. For some reason even though I knew I was dreaming I got scared when I flew too high so I had to descent back down to the ground again.

I had a hard time getting back to the ground smoothly, I couldnt dive straight down because I picked up way too much speed so instead I flew around in circles and descended slowly.

After a while I started to fade back into the dream and forget about it but I still remembered that I was able to fly so everytime I started flying again I remembered I was dreaming.

What put the dream to an end was the fact that I had a full bladder. I was flying onto rooftops and balconies and I decided to take a piss. I flew onto rooftops and I kept thinking to myself its pretty stupid that I can fly but im still scared of falling off rooftops. So I eventually found a balcony that was suitable to urinate off, then I thought to myself theres no point in going to the toilet in the dream because ill still have a full bladder when I wake up. But I went ahead and did it anyway, I was obviously only half lucid at this point because I was making sure I didnt piss on the people below as if they were real people. One of the weirdest parts of this dream is that I didnt use my genitals to piss, I used my finger. If any of you saw Scary Movie 3 the part where the aliens piss through their fingers, that was exactly what I did.

After I was finished I noticed my bladder felt empty but I knew it was only a dream so I was gonna half to wake up and take a piss. Thats about the point when I woke up. I was angry at the fact the dream had to end because I needed to go to the toilet but then again I probably wouldnt have remembered the dream if it wasnt the last one I had before I woke up. For all I know I have these kind of dreams every night but dont remember them.

I find the whole subject of lucid dreaming really interesting and I noticed the more attention I give it and the more I practice, the more lucid dreams I have and I gain better ability to maintain them and manipulate them.

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