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  Dream Number: #64
Dream Type: Scary...
Date Posted: 11/25/2005

~Dani~ from Deer River remembers this:

Okay, this was a dream that occurred to me just before I woke up this morning. I was captured by this guy. He was big, tall, had white unruly hair, and a long white beard with some gray. He was almost like an evil Santa Claus! I mean, he was almost like Hagridís size. I was kidnapped and so was this other guy that was supposed to be my boyfriend. I didnít get a good look at his face (my bf or the bad guyís), but I knew he wasnít my real boyfriend. We had to be with this guy for nine days and if we tried to escape, heíd kill us. After the first day of being there, my boyfriend and I panicked and ran away from the guyís house, but we didnít get far. The villain had something like claws on his right hand that cut your jawbones when he took a swipe from under your chin. He did that to my "fake" boyfriend, and he was dead. Me, on the other hand, some of my fingers felt like they were broken or sprained, especially on my right hand. The man ordered me to come back. I obeyed and followed him back to his dump of a house. There were various parts and pieces of junk lying about in his yard and in his house. My job was to write stories for the next nine days in order to gain my freedom. I did just that and by my seventh day, I was almost free and had written three stories. He threatened me to finish my story or he would kill me. One weird part was that I was on the computer and I was chatting, but I donít remember to whom. I donít know if it was the guy (if he had a second one) or a friend of mine. I was glad that it was only a dream. NoÖa nightmare.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: sarah

hmm. well maybe there's someone that actaully helps/motivates you to get your work done or something. you always have to read between the lines for dreams like this. i had a dream i got chased by the guy from the texas chainsaw massacre and also kidnapped me!

(Added: 8/11/2009)


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