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  Dream Number: #61
Dream Type: weird
Date Posted: 11/17/2005

amy from maryville remembers this:

....I suddenly am at heritage high shcool but the building appears to be abandoned and there is a queer feeling in the air...As we enter the school, I realize there is a olympic sized pool with large stained concrete walls. These walls send off a feeling of entrapment. I also notice that there aren't any ladders for the swimmers to get out of the water, not that there are any swimmers. Well I head back inside and reach the stairs, and suddenly I have a friend with me. I do not recall who the friend was or why he or she was there. We started up the stairs and I find my bird piccilo perched on the top of the railing. Suddenly I notice a fire spreading rather quickly outside and moving toward the school, I take my bird and quickly climb up the stairs not realizing there was no end. Suddenly the stairs start crumbling behind me and a door appears at the top of the stairwell, I step through the door, and I am suddenly outside and on the ground. I turn around and look and I seem to be on top of a hill for I can see the school on fire as well as many pine trees. I turn to walk onward, and as I do, I realize I am somewhere that is not familiar, things are larger than usual almost prehistoric. Then to my realization the friend I had forgotten and my cousin reggie are walking next to me. We all become suprised with our awareness of danger and hide in some near by mud puddles. After a few moments I surface for air as the others do the same. We start walking in this strange land once more and come to a road where police officers stand. We are only able to be taken to the town so my cousin could get his medicine. Allergies I believe. As we ride down this dark tunnel I realize everything is covered in what looks like black trash bags. When we arrive in town, we arrive to total chaos. There are many cops but not regular cops, robots in cars that look like 80s futuristic cars. Explosions are everywhere made from the "robot" cops. We finally pull into a gas station, I get the medicine, and then I wake up...

Responses from the Dreamers

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