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  Dream Number: #54
Dream Type: sorta scary
Date Posted: 10/25/2005

byekitty from Edmonton remembers this:

This one is from a little while back but I'd still like to know what it means.

I was at school, but it wasn't my school. It was quite different. And I'm walking through these hallways and I walk by a room that has a closed door, with a window on it. And I look though the window and I see bookcases, a leather chair and a sign that reads neurology, and then I notice the window to outside and it's skies are blue and there is a red swing set outside.

I forget a lot of what happens in the middle, I just rememeber closets and zombies.
And then me dying. And I'm watching as I get lowered into this grave. And then all of a sudden I realize I am not dead and I'm screaming as they're burying me alive, but they can't hear me. And then I wake up.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: ~Dani~

That is really freaky! I've had TONS of dreams that take place at my school, only that it seems like it isn't. Like, the rooms are different, or the walls in the hallways, even the lighting. The zombies and being buried alive ...that's scary!

(Added: 11/1/2005)


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Responses from Guests

From: ed

The school could be something you are learning about- but it is giving you a negative vibe, it is 'burying you". The blue sky outside and swing could represent a desire to leave this situation-

(Added: 11/4/2005)

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