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  Dream Number: #538
Dream Type: Suspenseful
Date Posted: 5/2/2015

from remembers this:

It's a jumbled mess. Long story short, I live in a cabin in the woods by a lake with a guy. Different guy this time from the other dreams I've been having lately. Anyways, I swim in the lake one day, see somethin shinning from the floor of the lake, dive down, get it. As I'm coming up, somethin starts draggin me back down. Guy I live with saves me. Apparently that put a curse on me. Then we come to my best friend's cabin and I'm freakin out. This thing kills you as you stare it in the eyes and you have to be marked by it, otherwise it just knocks you out. My best friend sits out on the porch in a rocking chair. Me, dude and Nathan (best friend's husband) are in the house. "My best friend (the monster guy in disguise as her, it changes it's body to try and confuse us)" knock on the door. I start freakin out, tellin them it's not her, why would she knock on her own door blah blah blah. I go hide my face in the fetal position. It goes away. Dream ends by us draggin my unconscious best friend back in and locking the cabin and bunkering down.

Responses from the Dreamers

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