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  Dream Number: #532
Dream Type: baby
Date Posted: 1/17/2015

tee1283 from remembers this:

Ive been dreaming I have a baby boy over a year now and I don't have the desire to have more children what could this dream be telling me. Sometimes some of my dreams really do come true. How can I tell which of my dreams are prophetic?

Responses from the Dreamers

From: somebunny

Dreams are only prophetic because they show us our backside and things we are blind to so things we may have not predicted may show up in dreams. You can never be sure though and should not try to view them as prophetic because you can never be sure. To dream of a baby indicates something new in your life. It may be a new opportunity something that you might be missing. If you could give me some more details i could try to help further

(Added: 4/8/2015)


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