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  Dream Number: #53
Dream Type: Totally Insane
Date Posted: 10/25/2005

byekitty from Edmonton remembers this:

Well okay here it goes. I'll give you a little bit of back ground on my ex-boyfriend and I. We dated 6 months, and only broke up four months ago. Before he left to go away for two months he made me promise I would wait for him always. And I did. And then he came home and told me that he didn't want to be commited any longer. And we haven't spoken since. He is in the Naval reserves and goes a away a lot. So here is my dream....

I was with these girls and I didn't know them. But I was with them anyways. We snuck into a secret marine lab, and we definitley were not supposed to be there. It was late at night when we slipped into this room with a huge body of water, with metal bridges and stairs on the walls. We see someone coming, he is wearing a blue uniform and he has dark hair and dark eyes. And we dive into the water going down as deep as we can go and find this submarine. So we go back up and our mascara is running down our faces and then we go and retrieve this submarine, which looks oddly like the one that The Beatles sang about... It doesn't go under the water while we have it. We use it like a boat and go through these enomous grey metal gates, out into this storm with mediocre waves and the sky is grey and its raining. All of a sudden its not me and those girls. It's me and my mother and father, my brother and my grandparents from my mother's side. And we're not sailing in the submarine, we are living in it. In a great big field of low rising wheat. And we are cooking dinner of extremely large grainules of rice. Well anyways, I look out the front door (dont ask me why the submarine had a door) and there is Alex, and he is looking at me, he opens his mouth to say something. And I push the door open and run past him in tears. I'm running as fast as I can and I run into town. And it's not a modern modern town its more classic town. And I know he's running after me, but I only look behind twice. And I keep running until I stop in front of this old dilapitated wooden building with a wrap around deck and it was once white but the paint had been peeled off by the sun. There were orage letters that had once been painted on as a sign. But you couldn't read them because they too were partially peeled off.. So I backed up and sat down on this bench and its back and sides were surrounded by sunflowers, all either facing me or the sun. And I curl up into a ball and I weep and weep. And suddenly a hand is placed on my shoulder, and I look up and he pulls me into his arms. He holds me tight and I can even smell the way he smelt. And he was wearing something I recognized. And he said, "Will You Wait For Me?" and I told him " I don't think I can, You hurt me so bad, I don't know if I could wait any longer." "But you will wait for me right? I'm coming home." And then it fades to me and my family preparing for church and I told them I didn't want to go because I didnt want to worship something I couldnt touch or understand. And I run out the front door again, and I run out to the main street where everyone is watching the motorcycles go by. And I'm frantically searching for him and his motorcycle. And I'm calling out his name and finally someone points me in his direction. And when they do I see him and he's not quite paying attention to me. But I can see his mother across the street. And he tells me my mother always liked blondes more than brunettes. (I am a brunette). And then he continues with "You'll wait for me right, I'm coming home, Will You Be There?? ". And then I wake up.

Responses from the Dreamers

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Responses from Guests

From: ed

Sounds like you were very hurt, and still think about him. Also shows your relationship with family- attitudes about church....."old dilapitated wooden building with a wrap around deck and it was once white but the paint had been peeled off by the sun"....this could be a symbol of what happened to the relationship......" And then he continues with "You'll wait for me right, I'm coming home, Will You Be There??".....this could be wish fulfillment.....SOmetimes one is better to move on.......

(Added: 11/4/2005)

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