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  Dream Number: #524
Dream Type: Totally Insane
Date Posted: 3/7/2014

Bridget from Homewood remembers this:

This dream happened to me almost a year ago, and yet it still stays with me really well... I don't quite remember what was happening before hand, but the craziest part of the dream involved me running/walking towards a tree, at which point I notice that there is a chainsaw getting ready to fall out of the tree towards me. I try to run, but can't; you know the general cliche feeling of having a heavy body that won't move as fast as you want it too, almost stuck. It becomes clear that I am not going to avoid the chainsaw, and it falls directly into my stomach, cutting up and into my body. I know you supposedly can't feel pain in your dreams... and I wouldn't necessarily describe the feeling I got as pain... however, the feeling I got that I was dying, that was the most intense thing I have ever felt. I felt warm, and buzzy, and could only hear my own thoughts and the chainsaw, and I honestly genuinely thought that this was it... I was dying. Not to mention my adrenaline was also insane at this point. Then I woke up...

Responses from the Dreamers

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