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  Dream Number: #507
Dream Type: Thought Provoking
Date Posted: 10/25/2012

airiii from Spring remembers this:

Everyone in my dream hated me. I remember getting onto a school bus. The bus driver was my former Chemistry teacher. He said something dryly. I don't remember what, but I remember the tone with which he said it. The bus was full except for two seats and all of the people on the bus were staring at me like I was a criminal. I don't remember sitting down in one of the empty seats. I was suddenly at the front of my house near the mailbox filling out some kind of document. My mother was there and she was saying something condescending. She hated me, too. And it looked as though she were glad that I was hurt by that fact. An old friend of mine was there, too. She's in a lot of my dreams, actually. She didn't seem to hate me.

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