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  Dream Number: #492
Dream Type: Funural Procession
Date Posted: 2/19/2012

dreamwiz from Indianapolis,IN remembers this:

The Funeral Procession Dream.

The Dream
I dreamed I was standing at a road juncture near home, watching a funeral procession. The dead man was carried in the traditional way on a stretcher. I was amazed by the huge crowd of people, in the thousands, at this man's funeral and thought he must be a highly important person. Another thing that drew my attention was the fact that it was nontraditional;they were burying him very late at sunset, and the sky was amber red.

I Don't want to die
As I stood watching the scene, thinking and wondering who that person was, suddenly the dead man came alive and left the stretcher, crossed the crowd, and came directly to me. As he got closer to me, I noticed he was my Uncle Taib-my uncle with whom we once shared a home. I was in panic, begging him to stop and to not touch me and telling him, " no Uncle, I don't want to die!"

We have a saying in my village that if you dreamed of a dead person visiting you, it means that the dead person is coming to take you away. As I stood in panic, screaming "no,no,no," my dead uncle grabbed hold of me. Then the scene changed, and I was sitting opposite my uncle at a table with some of my younger brothers and sisters.

I Was given a mission
My uncle on the other side of the table was holding my hands and screaming at me, begging me to pay heed and to take something. It was a life-threatening situation. My uncle was saying, "Please, my son, take it! Please, my son, take it!" as if he was trying to prevent something very catastrophic. I asked. "What? What do you want me to take?" My uncle leaned forward and gave me a strong kiss on my lips.

Dressed in white navy-like uniform
The scene changed, and my uncle seemed to have gone, and there I was, clothed in a white navy-like uniform. The jacket was so white and clean as new, but a bit long, as if it were made for a different person and the pants were in the old bell-bottom style. I didn't like it a bit. Another thing that troubled me was that the shoes were black high-heel platform shoes, with stains of black shoe polish all the way up to my knees.

Why me?
While I stood there, whining and complaining, "why me?" and about my dislike for the pants and shoes, I felt the presence of someone taking notes of all my complaints and promising that all these things would be altered in the proper way. In the last scene, my younger brothers and sisters took me away, singing and chanting religious songs. The end.

The dream was so powerful as if it were in real life. I woke-up from sleep at 4:00AM feeling wide awake with an unusual sensation, feeling light as a feather and the light was bright as day light. I was feeling my face and sensing like someone had just left the room.

Could someone comment what this dream is all about.

Responses from the Dreamers

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