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  Dream Number: #488
Dream Type: Vivid, Longing & Loads of Bugs
Date Posted: 12/29/2011

LocalH3ro from St. Andrews remembers this:

My Wife, of the past 12 years, died in July this year at the relatively young age of 44 from an acute Heart failure suddenly, unexpectedly (as there were no prior symptoms) but peacefully in our marital bed at our home. I've had a few of these dreams/visions/experiences call them what you will (but for me there have been occasions where these "dreams" have taken on a decidedly real feeling). But theyíre for another time (Iíve been keeping a log of them each time).

This morning (28th December) I had another dream of her, only this one has me beat as to its meaning so I thought Iíd post in the hope that someone here could decipher it. Over 24hrs later and I still canít get the imagery out of my head.

It started off with me walking into our kitchen in our home to find my Wife standing by the kitchen sink in one of her nightshirts pouring herself a glass of water. She looked across at me and I immediately said ďIím dreaming this arenít IĒ to which she nodded, with a warm, if slightly melancholic, smile and replied ďYes, you areĒ. She walked towards me and I gently pulled her closer, held her and kissed her with the same tenderness I had done every day of our lives together right up till the day she was taken from me.

I suppose I should add here that I loved my Wife very deeply having known her all the way back to secondary school although we didnít start dating until 1995 when one of destinyís little twists brought us together. She was my Wife but also my Best Friend and we had a real bond with each other from day one.

I took her by the hand and led her towards the bedroom where I was hoping to just lie with her on our Wedding bed and just hold her feeling the same warmth in my arms as was feeling there and then just by holding her hand but as we entered the Bedroom it was literally filled with thousands of insects swarming and crawling over the furniture.

I told my Wife not to worry and to ignore them, that they would go away if she did, but she recoiled in the doorway and pulled me back into the hall indicating that we should go into the adjoining spare bedroom instead. I walked into the spare bedroom still holding her hand, trying to lead her in, but instead of following me in she seemed to be standing, transfixed, looking into our bedroom at the collection of bugs, beasties and assorted creepy-crawlies (which she hated, anything with more than four legs, had wings or buzzed would immediately and instantly freak her out).

Thatís when I woke up, alone in our bed, a thing I still havenít got used too after the time since I lost her, with tears on my cheeks and a lump in my throat (as usual). I checked the time on the clock as I woke up, 7:33am. I donít think the time has a bearing but have added it just in case. Most of the dreams Iíve of her usually occur at about 4am Ė 5am.

Iíd be interested to know if anyone can suggest a meaning of this dream. I know some of the symbolism is pretty straight forward but I wonít muddy the water by writing what I think it means, Iíll leave that up to whoever decides to answerÖ.please.


Replies from the dreamer:

Thanks for the reply Dream Fairy and yes you're correct we spent most of our day together.

We still had our "me" times though just chilling out with the little things we liked to do on our own but always at our home.

Looking back, I remembered a time when a wasp landed on her shoulder and she just froze, terrified, somehow I managed to quick fire (with my forefinger & thumb) ping it off of her faster than Clink Eastwoods "Man With No Name" and equally as accurate.

I guess in hindsight all of these metaphors are pretty straight forward, but thanks, again, for taking the time to reply.

Thanks also for the words of comfort. I miss my Wife & Best Friend every day since, with a pain that is draining the life from me, she really was a wonderful person. I know I'll see her again someday.
(Added: 2/1/2012)

Responses from the Dreamers

From: TheDreamFairy

There is no hidden meaning, because the meaning is you really miss your wife. I don't know you, but I'm guessing that you were there with her every moment you had together and you are simply remembering a fear she had. I'm really sorry about your loss.

(Added: 2/1/2012)


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