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  Dream Number: #475
Dream Type: Reoccurring dream
Date Posted: 9/9/2011

Theresa from remembers this:

In my reoccurring dreams, I am always about to miss my plane! But I never see the end of my dream, wake up before that, so I never know if I really missed my plane or not! This is the main set and the rest of the dream is slightly different, every time. In one dream, I can not close my suitcase, so I'm worried that I'm gonna miss my plane. In the other one, the taxi wouldn't show up, so I'm worried I'm gonna miss the plane, or I'm lost in the city ..., etc. In real life I never missed my plane or train though! I think a lot, and worry a lot, maybe?

Responses from the Dreamers

From: gggggg

interpretation just seen in www.dreamdiery.it ;-)

(Added: 9/24/2011)

From: gggggg

sorry diaryofdreams.it

(Added: 9/24/2011)


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